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Cult Of Personality by Chastity

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Chastity 36


Cult Of Personality


Living Colour




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ChastityLEVEL 36

Recording information by Chastity

Actually one of my fav rock songs.

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

Hey girl friend listening one of my faves too!!

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

set me free honey!!!

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

you are so rocking this out

wokka1LEVEL 102

Comment by wokka1GOLD

loved this performance soooooo great.....

speaking of Nobel prize did you see that Dylan has been awarded one....very cool

smiles and big hugz my great friend...


Lubs ya......Mike the wokka1


Comment by Piper-x-333GOLD

I can't record on the new site, no matter which OS I use, not on pc, laptop, or phone app. Bye.

Nice job on this, not an easy song to do.

RickysoneLEVEL 52

Comment by RickysoneGOLD

Hi Chastity, this reminds me of my 80's band. We played top 40, but this was one of the rock songs we played. Used to pack the floor with it. You did a great job here!!! Really enjoyed this!! Thanks for the memories!!!!



Comment by BryTunesGOLD

Ohh, this is one of my faves too! Wow, this shows off how amazing you are!!!


Comment by sn1p3rk1tt3nGOLD

Love this too. Flagged you. Glad I decide to sing that other song today and searched for others that did it before me.
A very excellent rendition. You definitely are a rocker. I can hear it in your singing.