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Grown Up Christmas List by reasnforbreathn

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reasnforbreathn 9


Grown Up Christmas List


Amy Grant




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reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Recording information by reasnforbreathn

One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. The words speak of my exact same prayer and desire for this Season. =)

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 97

Comment by Daydreamer2008SNAP-STAR

Pollen season is here! ugh!!! Stay safe and healthy all! <3

One of my fave songs too!

And girl you sing it soooo beautifully!

Always loved your voice!! =o)

************ Outstanding performance!

Standing ovations!! Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Comment by reasnforbreathn

Thanks, Mona. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! Huggin' you back!!!


Comment by DMAL

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy 2021

Hi Myla
I love this one too, such powerful and wonderful lyrics. Beautifully sung mdf. You sang it with such passion, so heartfelt. Just the way it should be :0)
Hugs, Dave

dihiflyerLEVEL 39

Comment by dihiflyer

Hi Myla! Nobody can sing this as beautifully as you... better than the original.... this is giving me goosies already... so much passion and emotion in your voice...

dihiflyerLEVEL 39

Comment by dihiflyer

Truly you are God's little angel here at SS to lift all our spirits and show us what love is....

dihiflyerLEVEL 39

Comment by dihiflyer

This song is how life should be, but because of greed it cannot be... But Jesus is Our Light in this dark world... That was one amazing rendition of a gorgeous song!! So loved listening girl... Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your 2012 be the best! Blessings!

Love2CroonLEVEL 39

Comment by Love2CroonGOLD

Galing ng voice mo,... you're category is Way more than a karaoke Miss!

reasnforbreathnLEVEL 9

Comment by reasnforbreathn

Thank you so much for your support, guys. Even though I don't get to visit SS as often as I used to and would like to, you're always there to listen to whatever I have to share - Mona, Dave and Di - I've missed you guys!

And to my new SS friend, Russ, thank you so much for visiting.

Happy New Year!!!