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At This Moment by Rayome

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Rayome 54


At This Moment


Billy Vera and The Beaters




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RayomeLEVEL 54

Recording information by RayomeGOLD

Thank you for coloring my world! *Smiles*

Oh I can tell I hadn't done this one in a while! I wasn't sure about releasing this, or keep the agony to myself. lol But It's an old favorite of mine, and although it's far from what I was shooting for, and I kinda messed up the end a little, but, I hope you enjoy at least part of it! Thank you for stopping by!! ~Doug~

LittleGMaLEVEL 38

Comment by LittleGMaGOLD

Oh I Love this old Song and you Are sounding"AMAZING" .....beautiful .....I am glad you shared it:))))Beautiful Voice:)


Comment by sweetjordylassGOLD

Have a good week xx

love this gorgeous song fabulous rendition ,, outstanding ,,.,,. marg uk**********************blessingss

Eagle-HollowLEVEL 39

Comment by Eagle-Hollow

I love this song and your superb performance!!



Comment by LanaMarieGOLD

Well, Doug, since I don't know this great sound mighty fine to me, and it sounds right. That's a good thing when the listener is not familiar with a song. You can can away with some things...........

I love your ending! I loved the whole thing! Fantastic sing! it! ((hugs))

newman18LEVEL 77

Comment by newman18PATRON

Hi from Doug to another Doug, well my friend it sounded great to me. you Did a great sing, great vocals. loved it*********************and thanks my friend for visiting my page,


Comment by --FireFly76--

Realize.... with Nick ??

Hi Doug, I love this song.....missed this one from the other day


Comment by --FireFly76--

Realize.... with Nick ??

Your range is are sounding awesome here my friend

babieeloveeLEVEL 72

Comment by babieeloveeGOLD

LOVE IT ******************* ITS HARD TO PERFECT" ...PERFECTION********

LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT ******************************
lol you should here my version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

babieeloveeLEVEL 72

Comment by babieeloveeGOLD

it ...************************ hittin button***************

ladystormannieLEVEL 31

Comment by ladystormannie

Pure perfection friend!!!!

ladystormannieLEVEL 31

Comment by ladystormannie

Great vocals! Great sing period!

Midnightman65LEVEL 38

Comment by Midnightman65

Just listened to Coline sing with you and had to check out your site.

Glad I stopped ..fantastic voice .


Luv2singLEVEL 82

Comment by Luv2singGOLD

My daughter in law Carly's mom passed on Christmas, her dad passed today, prayers please, thank you

Hi Ray, such a great song and you are singing this beautifully my friend! Love it hope you have a great Wednesday :)************** ~~Karyn

goodlistener11LEVEL 14

Comment by goodlistener11