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Anak (English Version) by Tinypumpkin

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Tinypumpkin 109


Anak (English Version)


Freddie Aguilar




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TinypumpkinLEVEL 109

Recording information by TinypumpkinSNAP-STAR

???Stay safe snappers!???


Proud Malaysian...and proud Mother!
Hence the song 'Anak'; Malay word for Child.
Couldn't find a song by an artist from Malaysia but the word 'Anak' is from our official language.
This is dedicated to all proud mothers who are good role models to their children especially their daughters.

Thank you Irene for this upload.
Hope I didn't goof too much of it...always had problem singing from the CS.

Thank you for your visits my dear friends. If you listened please leave a comment so I could return the favor.

SingSnap_EventsLEVEL 68

Comment by SingSnap_EventsSPECIAL-EVENTS

We're hosting a SingSnap Challenge.. Check out the ''What's Your Passion Challenge Thread'' !

Thanks for joining us!
~ Jodi

TrochilidaeLEVEL 108

Comment by TrochilidaeGOLD

Hi, Tiny.. Wow! a great song pick.... This is a popular song here in our country in our language.. Yes, same meaning for the word "anak".. Thanks for choosing this.. Glad you have sung it , a heartfelt performance.. Love this a bunch...

ShenaniganLEVEL 98

Comment by Shenanigan

Awesome, Tiny!
I had to look up Malaysian singers. This Malaysian singer gives you goose bumps @5:56 of the video!

jc4uLEVEL 105

Comment by jc4uSNAP-STAR

"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." Matt. 24:42 Blessings/Prayers!

Hi, Tiny, new to me. . . . listening. . . . . how beautiful this is and you are sing
it so filled with heart-touching emotion - simply wonderful! Loved my listen
so very much. . . . Blessings on your day/evening, Joyce

PiperJudz50LEVEL 92

Comment by PiperJudz50PATRON

Hi Tiny
How wonderful to hear you sing Freddie Aguillar's legendary song... Anak is Filipino/Tagalog word my child (specifically)

PiperJudz50LEVEL 92

Comment by PiperJudz50PATRON

You're amazing!!!
Love it!!!!!!!!!
hugssss ~~ Judy ~~

lavsand19LEVEL 64

Comment by lavsand19GOLD

Hi Tiny, what a beautiful song, thanks for the intro & share! Absolutely gorgeous singing performance! Totally Outstanding! Pure Pleasure listening from start to finish! Smiles! ...Sandy

sheepdog31LEVEL 97

Comment by sheepdog31GOLD

Great reason to be proud, well done here Tiny, GBY, Gman

Capt_BooneLEVEL 91

Comment by Capt_BoonePATRON


Capt_BooneLEVEL 91

Comment by Capt_BoonePATRON

Hi Tiny, what a wonderful and beautiful song and singing. I love sing snap because it brings together people from around the world!! This is so cool. I loved it!!

Capt_BooneLEVEL 91

Comment by Capt_BoonePATRON

You deserve a BIG

davidmarxmLEVEL 100

Comment by davidmarxmSNAP-STAR




wranglerLEVEL 92

Comment by wranglerSNAP-STAR

sounding great on this song tiny, i sure did enjoy your great singing. 5*********************************s hugs DON

__Angels__LEVEL 111

Comment by __Angels__SNAP-STAR

Have a great week <3!!!!!!!

Amazing Tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

__Angels__LEVEL 111

Comment by __Angels__SNAP-STAR

Have a great week <3!!!!!!!

((((((((((((((((claps))))))))))))))))))))) it my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Comment by Angelgirl758SNAP-STAR

May 2021 Be Blessed.

Hi Tiny!!
Terrific song pick and loved your comments.
Beautiful sing . Very touching and heartfelt with gorgeous vocals!!
Loved it lots

That's a sing to be PROUD OF!!

justghettoLEVEL 81

Comment by justghettoGOLD

In Case You Didn't Know ?

Awesome Sing Girl......Ghetto

Holly-AnnLEVEL 73

Comment by Holly-AnnGOLD

Gorgeous!! I LOVE this so much!

ragtime108LEVEL 101

Comment by ragtime108SNAP-STAR

Wonderful fab sing of this great "Anak" song from Malaysia! ...

ClarelolaLEVEL 83

Comment by ClarelolaPATRON

I love you tribute to mothers as role models! YES! we need all the encouragement we ca get to keep it going sometimes!!!

A lovely sing today from you! Brava!