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Johnny B Goode by agrabler

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agrabler 52


Johnny B Goode


Chuck Berry




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agrablerLEVEL 52

Recording information by agrabler

Always loved this song.

Love, love comments, but please, no animated graphics as/in your comments! They make me dizzy and cause migraines. TY for understanding!

ChuckieBSings4ULEVEL 82

Comment by ChuckieBSings4UGOLD

Yes, this is a great song from Chuck Berry and he has many

Remember this one in Back to the Future with Michael J Fox singing this actually another singer sang it and Michael mouthed the words lol?

Great job my friend......enjoyed your rendition put a lot of energy into it

agrablerLEVEL 52

Comment by agrabler

GunnarNelson -- Yup, I think of that every time I hear or sing this song!!



Comment by AaronStampGOLD

Let's c if I can get 2 visitin' * ya singin' 4 me? . No, time still not workin w/me 4 singin' yet

Oh yeahhhhh ... This was an AWESOME performance!!!!!!!!!!!!

agrablerLEVEL 52

Comment by agrabler

Thank you, AaronStamp!!