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Broken Wings by Lurifax

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Lurifax 8 (harmony)


Broken Wings


Alter Bridge




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LurifaxLEVEL 8

Recording information by Lurifax

Battle For Booty - Finals (Winner Song)

Part 1 - Your Story

Your Final Voyage has arrived. Your challenge is to finish your story/life as a pirate - but there is a twist.


You must select one of the four emotions listed above.

Emotion chosen = Sadness

I have now been alone on this Island for more then ten years, I can feel it eating my soul. I find myself talking to trees and rocks, and everytime I see an animal I try to comunicate, but get heartbroken when they run away.
The only thing that has keept me going for all these years is the memory of Mutiara Laut. I think I see her coming from the sea from time to time and it makes my heart full and I start running towards her, but everytime I get within reach she disappears and I find myself hugging and kissing air.
It makes me depressed for days when it happents. I hardly eat anymore, nor do I sleep.
I keep saying that next time I see her, I wont run to her, I know better, its my brain, she is not there. But the image is too strong.
My will was tested again today, I sat on the beach and looked for ships, when she appered in the shallows where I go and fish crabs. I told myself to stay strong and ignore her image. She started walking towards me, I could feel my heart racing, but I did not move. She kept coming closer and by time she was on land and waving at me, I was already on my feet. Could it be, was she really here? I hesitated, should I go to her..I stayed..She came closer, and for the first time she spoke to me.
Come darling, we are leaving this Island. I was feeling wet on my face, and realized that I was crying like a baby and shaking all over.
This was it, I was finally going to leave this Island, she found me.
I ran to her, feeling my legs weaking under me, but the only thing I cared about was the warm feeling inside, my heart felt like it was ready to explode.
I flinged my arms around her and feel head first into the sand. I was in panic, I looked around, but I already knew what had happent, she was not here.

I was broken, I knew it, I could feel it, this was the breaking point.
I curled up in the sand and started screaming.
NO NO NO NO! This cant be! Please! I was no longer me, I was no longer sure what was real.
I started biting and ripping my own flesh too see if I would wake up, but all I got was stapping pain and then I passed out.

I woke again as the sun hit the last wave on the water.
I had no sense of self, I stumpled to my feet and as I looked down I saw the sand where I had layed was sooked in blood. I did not care, all was a haze and nothing was real. I started walking not knowing why.
Next time I woke, I was in the cave I had found on the Island, I was bleeding heavely from my arms and my head was feeling like it had taken a good beating. I disappeared into my mind again.

I woke the next morning with the sun burning my face. I was just outside the cave entrance. All around me was red, and my fingers was scratched too the bone. I came to my feet and went inside the cave, I was in shook, all around the cave, on all walls was writing. I now knew where all the blood had gone. In my psychotic state I had used my fingers as pencils and written all I had ever done on these walls, I sat down and looked at a mad Man's work. As I started reading all the story's I felt a peace come over me, it was like being back in my old life, I could see the faces of my crew, hear the voices and laughter. I saw all the women I had bedded, felt there warm touch and the playfull nighttimes. I dont know how long I spend reading, but the next time I woke, I was laying on the beach in the shallow waters, I could feel nothing, I was numb, the pain was gone, and so was my will to live. I could feel life leaving me like wind through a rotten sail. I closed my eye's and thought of Mutiara Laut. Her beautiful face came to life. She kissed me and said..I am here now.Relax.
I smiled at her and wispered. You are really here.

Editors note:
The writings of Silvertoungue have been edited in some small parts given the nature of the findings, but for the most part, these are the writings that was found in a cave on Tristan da Cunha. Alot of speculation has been made on who Silvertoungue actully was, but from the writings he made, he is showing us that Pirats came in many shapes and forms, and he has given a great new inside to how pirat life also could be. Infact from the nearly forty story's in the cave, he has given Pirat's a heart, many though they did not have. It is said that he died on the Island as a result of Yellow fever, but many believes he was simply heartbroken and desperat to re-unite with his beloved Mutiara Laut. The tragic of his story is by many belived to be to cruel and folk story's claime that he actully made it off the Island and lived with her till they both died of old age.
The fact that Tristan da Cunha is 1,750 miles from nearest land, makes that very unlikely, but the good in me likes to belive he did.

Johny Windorff
Pirat Magasin - Denmark

Most of my songs are back in 2009 and 2010.

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Hope you are all doing well! <3

Wow! That was terrific!! Loved your entry! Good luck!


Comment by RaeZee

Two weeks of covid pneumonia! Hold on to your sweet dreams ... and wear a mask! ?

wow wow wow wowwww, this just swept me in so fast and covered me with chills! Incredible voice my friend and the video is out of this world! WOW!


Comment by RaeZee

Two weeks of covid pneumonia! Hold on to your sweet dreams ... and wear a mask! ?

yes indeed, major Wow factor here


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD



Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

Jonny.. you are back in your element here.. This almost reminds me of a Creed type song...... Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.................................................................... VOCALS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

THIS my friend was stellar!
STANDING O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of luck to you!!!!!!!
Saving this one to my playlist!


Comment by Bob-S

Awesome story. Not heard this song before but it kicked a**! Loved the video. Best of luck



Comment by CanadaBlondeGOLD

Love these dark alternative songs (this one's new to me), and your voice, singing them

-Songbird-LEVEL 47

Comment by -Songbird-

Rockin' vocals!

-Liz-LEVEL 30

Comment by -Liz-

Grabbing spot- gonna read first.

trevorLEVEL 65

Comment by trevorSTAFF

Happy New Year Snappers! <3

-Liz-LEVEL 30

Comment by -Liz-

WOW- What an ending to an amazing story!! Now....for the performance!

-Liz-LEVEL 30

Comment by -Liz-

This is freaking epic. Just stellar all around on everything. I sit in awe- literally.
Playlisted, and when the right words come, then I'll bring those too .
Just WOW!

-Liz-LEVEL 30

Comment by -Liz-

ah and yes- thanks for the pickle bumps- all freaking over! LOL


Comment by MsWoodSDGOLD

Amazing video and great tone! Loved it so much!

Uncle-PauleyLEVEL 109

Comment by Uncle-PauleySNAP-STAR

Great Song! Great Sing! Great Video! Good Luck!

softnsweet372006LEVEL 94

Comment by softnsweet372006CHAT-ADMIN

What a haunting performance. Your vocals on this are perfection. Excellent from start to finish ... wow

NovellaLEVEL 111

Comment by NovellaSNAP-STAR

I have no room for negative energy in my life <3 Spread love and happiness folks!

moon045LEVEL 32

Comment by moon045GOLD

what an awesome voice you have! i cant wait to hear more!! good luck!

--Katie--LEVEL 48

Comment by --Katie--GOLD

Well then....

wow.....great video....

I love this song...

You sound superb...great rocky voice! hit this song out the park!

Well Done & Good Luck!