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Crazy by truxing

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truxing 78




Gnarls Barkley




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truxingLEVEL 78

Recording information by truxingGOLD

Don't know this one....

singspeakLEVEL 25

Comment by singspeak

Don't know it either. You were always crazy. Love you.

imluvinuLEVEL 19

Comment by imluvinu

LOL.....i know it!!!! too cute!!!! you did pretty darn good!!!! I love it............

MsMarieLEVEL 100

Comment by MsMarieGOLD

I don't remember exactly when I lost my

Don't know this either but you sound super Almon...



Comment by BLG6231GOLD

REMEMBER,,,No one can hurt you, without your permission

fantastic god bless barb********************************

joleen24LEVEL 66

Comment by joleen24GOLD

You did a Lovely Sing!! I am really Enjoying My Listen Here!!
Wonderful Tender and Loving Vocal Performance*********hugs joleen


Comment by Dan_LGOLD

HAHAHA! I saw this title and thought hmmm I gotta hear this! Then I saw your comment, "Don't know this one," and yes I had to hear it then for sure. Wow Almon! You are doing such an awesome job. You knocked this song into a completely different dimension. Putting this in my favorites playlist. This shows how talented you are. Very hypnotic and I never thought this song would have any sort of emotion to it other than silliness. I think I am rambling but I am just so surprised with what you did with this song.

BonniegirlLEVEL 14

Comment by Bonniegirl

I'm liking this one, too, Al...
I mean i wouldn't like a DIET of this kinda song but I agree with Dan, that you did a great job with this!