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Let Them See You by Cinnamon1965

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Cinnamon1965 108


Let Them See You


JJ Weeks Band


1 Duet


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Cinnamon1965LEVEL 108

Recording information by Cinnamon1965SNAP-STAR

I LOVE this song
I have had the video on my profile since 2013,
and was praying SingSnap would add it..
I am so glad I was able to share this mp3,
so others can sing it as well.
It truly is a beautiful song.
I hope you like it.

ArgentLEVEL 79

Comment by ArgentGOLD

You're the only one who can find your happiness. Be true to yourself...

How beautiful and inspiring is this? Yes, I like it a lot!

Always love hearing new things from your studio Cyndi! Bravo!!!

denuim64LEVEL 59

Comment by denuim64GOLD

lovely sing on this my friend!!!

Smoothblues99LEVEL 64

Comment by Smoothblues99GOLD

I loved the one on your profile page. I'm glad you could put it on the Songbook. I have added 5 songs so far. They may be the best songs that I have ever recorded.
You did a great job on this song. Super!
Blessed Christmas to you. Thanks!!

Bob C.

Archer400LEVEL 74

Comment by Archer400PATRON

Hi Cyndi,
This is beautiful!
And I got to say you synced your song really well!
Loving this!
Surprised that you did not add harmony to this.. I hear so much with this.
But is beautiful in its simplicity.
Really lets the listener hear your awesome voice and all the feeling you are putting into this!
Wonderfully done!
Thanks for sharing!


gregsmoothLEVEL 79

Comment by gregsmoothGOLD

hey there Cyndi , what a pleasure it has been listening to all your stunning songs each one as wow as the last ,,,,, i hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas my dear friend

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

My name is Tommy I live in South Africa, I am Married to Beverley, my love and inspiration.

Cyndi you are inspirational as is this beautiful song, a gorgeous sing as always, you always deliver, your harmonies and your solo performances are always a joy to listen to>>>>Tommy