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Fields Of Gold (Acoustic Piano) by Lightningblue

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Fields Of Gold (Acoustic Piano)


Eva Cassidy






Recording information by LightningblueGOLD

Well, we've had all sorts of rocking Christmas toons blasting out on the radio - those old favourites by Wizzard and Slade, and Chris Rea Driving Home for Christmas, and Feed the World....then I've been unable to get two or three wonderful tracks out of my mind, like the INCREDIBLE Don't Give Up On Me by Solomon Burke, and Nick Drake's River Man, and even a romping number by Kiki Dee....but what do I end up singing? A song which I happened to sing a verse of in my Mum's kitchen today, and on hearing it she asked me to sing it some time. So here it is, Mum . I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas with peace and happiness in every corner of your hearts. If not, perhaps that will be your special gift waiting for you in the New Year. .

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

The stalkers are coming out of the woodwork!! Some are very obnoxious and end up blocked.

Good evening Claire~
What a nice intro statement my friend!!

I love this speaks to my Irish soul, it does
I can't imagine it sounding this beautiful with any other vocalist...this is stunning!!

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

The stalkers are coming out of the woodwork!! Some are very obnoxious and end up blocked.

I hope your Christmas was a wonder dear lady!

May your new year open wide with every blessing of love and happiness. May you and your family be well and treasure each day as a precious gift!!

This sing was exquisite Claire!!!
Very moving and visionary... Much justice served here gf !!

Loved it !!

******************* Hugs ~


Comment by TylerBlackGOLD

Damn! I miss this site! Makes me angry! Now more than ever singing is needed!

I love this song!
I think you made the perfect choice!


Comment by ChihuahuamanGOLD

Beautiful words and delightfully sung , Claire ... I am sure your mom will be over the moon listening to you singing for her.
Wishing you and your family .. ' All the Best for New Year 2020 '.

ZipityDoDahLEVEL 82

Comment by ZipityDoDahGOLD

God bless!

Now this is the voice of a singer Extraordinaire!!!! I'd put it up against any of the "so-called" best contemporary voices that I've heard from 2000 to present and you would win hands down! Lots of descriptive adjectives come to mine when I listen to you sing, young lady! Words such as; sublime, exquisite, magical, gorgeous, heavenly, divine, glorious! YES MAM, THIS WAS SUPERB IN EVERY WAY!!! God bless you and your family, Ms. Claire! Sendin' warm, yellow roses of indestructible admiration and appreciation, from Wimberley, Texas!


Comment by osanbat9GOLD

Wishing a joyful and peaceful Easter Sunday to all snappers and friends, past and present.

May some of that gold rub off on your skirt as you traverse them in the coming year.... all of the very best to you and yours and thank you for the beautiful gift of your talent this past year. You made it all so much more bearable with your ability to transport your listeners to wonderful, beautiful places ........ Bravo...Bravo...