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Somebody Should Leave by Ranie

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Ranie 31


Somebody Should Leave


Reba McEntire




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RanieLEVEL 31

Recording information by RanieGOLD

I'm wondering if I've played with the sound. Hmmm.. doesn't sound quite right, but maybe it's just me.

WangerLEVEL 16

Comment by Wanger

Well let me sit back and listen ... will tell ya in a few

WangerLEVEL 16

Comment by Wanger

So far so awesome... Sound is off on snap today...AGAIN!. ! can always tell by how I need to set things half way back LOL But you are coming in as loud as the music. So all is good

WangerLEVEL 16

Comment by Wanger

Love this song! You sang this perfectly! Really Really did! Loved it once again! Excellent job my friend! ~HUGS~

RanieLEVEL 31

Comment by RanieGOLD

Thanks D> Made me feel really good..


Comment by giggles_119

wtg great job


Comment by raelynne

flagged you......gotta hear you over and over again........great job!

JulieTxLEVEL 14

Comment by JulieTxGOLD

Hi there!!!

I've always loved this song!!! One of my favorites and I just loved hearing you sing it!!! What a beautiful voice you have!!! Gorgeous singing!!!

Thank you for your comments on God's Will. I appreciate it so much!!!

Hugs, Julie