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Second Hand Heart by --Baz--

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--Baz-- & Chanda1003 53


Second Hand Heart


Ben Haenow & Kelly Clarkson




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Recording information by --Baz--GOLD

I'm not only singing with one of my longest standing friends on Singsnap - we met back in 2008, but without doubt one of Singsnap's finest - this lady has even cut CD's. I'd never even heard of this song until three days ago when Chanda introduced me to it & after I got my brother Mike to download a copy of the original to a CD for the car, I used a 45 minute drive yesterday to play it non-stop & learn it as best as I can. Here's the result.
Always a great pleasure & a privilege to sing with you, Chanda - thank you

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR


CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Wooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!! Hi Baz

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Ahhh a duet with the lovely Chanda!...

Hi Chanda, i was so excited to be first on a Baz song i didn;t see you there!

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

I love this song!! It has such a cool beat!...

And with you two singing it, it couldn't get any better!....

Baz your start was absolutely spot on!!...

Your vocals are fantastic! and when Chanda joins you it sounds amazing!!...

What a brilliant treat for my ears this evening!!...

Absolutely awesome duet you two!!

Chanda1003LEVEL 53

Comment by Chanda1003

hellooooooo *waves*

Chanda1003LEVEL 53

Comment by Chanda1003

im just loving this. the very first time i heard this song i immediately thought Baz!!! I absolutely knew that you'd be the perfect partner on this. mostly to cover up my oopsies

Chanda1003LEVEL 53

Comment by Chanda1003

always a pleasure and honour to sing with my good friends and someone i consider extremely talented!! thank you so very much xx

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

Live your life like someone left the gate open !

Good stuff, both of ya!!
What an amazing blend from two fine vocalists!!

I don't usually listen to all duets but you made this one just too tempting with your FB post Baz
Glad I caught this one!! Chanda you are magnificent girl!!

This is what I'm talkin' about !!

********** **********
Hugs & Smiles

red__breeLEVEL 64

Comment by red__breeGOLD

Hey I love this song so much

PetalsLEVEL 49

Comment by PetalsPATRON


Hi Baz and Chanda,
Excellent duet it has been a pleasure to sit and listen to you both Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... sounds Great I have totally enjoyed this .... Isobel... L.I.B..


Comment by jeannettebGOLD

Awww wtheck we all like comments!


First time hearing on this one! Has a sort of Country feel to it! I must confess that it left me with a pretty good impression!

Great singing on both parts! Very pleasant sounds through!

Very much enjoyed! Tks to both for these great moments of pleasure!

Lots o cheers all around!

red__breeLEVEL 64

Comment by red__breeGOLD

Wow you's sound amazing and brilliant. Nailing this completely .....

red__breeLEVEL 64

Comment by red__breeGOLD

That was very exciting and when I saw the title i couldn't wait to come listen.

Beautiful blend a voices. Really enjoyed this top notch performance xx

Just fabulous twas


Comment by SexyshaGOLD

Well i have to be honest here you guys.....I love KC voice ...i don't like BH at all his voice does nothing for me....thats probably why I've disliked this song ....

But this has made me believe it takes 2 magical voices to make me love this song....and this is what you both just did

Gorgeous you guys.....stunning!!!! (Still don't like BH


red__breeLEVEL 64

Comment by red__breeGOLD

Ticks all ma boxes and I am back again

Guess you know I love this dearly


Comment by sweetvoice36GOLD

Sounding very good even on my cellphone
Wonderful blending. ..... New song for me. .....

Wow....what a power. .....awesome voices! !!

Looove it, Hugsss


Comment by SuniShineGOLD

Singing ;)

New song to me too!
This is such a beautiful written song...
Loving this duet you two!
Beautiful vocals!

angela34LEVEL 44

Comment by angela34

Love this song ,,,you two sound amazing ,,.

angela34LEVEL 44

Comment by angela34

This is so fabulous you guys ,,loved it,you two sound great together.

JM2015LEVEL 50

Comment by JM2015

This is simply awesome singing you two..
Two outstanding voices that have nailed this...
Enjoyed listening my friends!!!