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If by Cinnamon1965

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Cinnamon1965 108 & Smoothblues99 64






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Cinnamon1965LEVEL 108

Recording information by Cinnamon1965SNAP-STAR

I really love this song It came out when I was only 6 yrs old, but when I was 10, I sat at our piano, without any music, and banged each note out by ear, until I had the song down. I always wanted to add harmony... So thank you Bob for singing this so beautifully, you made it easy for me to hear the harmony that I have had in my head for over 40 yrs. I hope you like it.

Smoothblues99LEVEL 64

Comment by Smoothblues99GOLD

That was beautiful. I loved it. Must have been difficult to get down that low but it sounded great! Let people hear this!! It has waited 40 years to be born!!
Super hugs Bob

daveiwLEVEL 56

Comment by daveiwGOLD

mm this is special, love the harmonies, ha I play this on the piano and sing along as well so I know what you mean

I am going to listen this a few times so nice.

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 108

Comment by Cinnamon1965SNAP-STAR

Thank you both so much..


Comment by skytexasGOLD

Yes, I love it too.
I have a couple recordings of it.
As always, the harmony is just absolutely stellar and perfect
Loved the entire sing from both of you.
Thank you
d it