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All I Ask Of You by Chihuahuaman

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Chihuahuaman & SomeBeach_SomeWhere 64


All I Ask Of You


Cliff Richard & Sarah Brightman




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Recording information by ChihuahuamanGOLD

Singing with this lovely lady......Somebeach Somewhere.

Now I know how a chicken feels...covered in aluminium

foil,roastin in the oven.

John_L_MagnoliaLEVEL 68

Comment by John_L_Magnolia

Ken.... That cold dressing over your eye tells me Big Mavis has been on the gin again. When ever she plays that Joanna after drinking, arms everywhere. Somebody is going to Russell Hall E&A big time... Time we got rid of here... You cannot perform with that over your eye. We will loose money!!!

O by the way... A bostin sing eeya. I love it 5* performance by both.

see you soon


SomeBeach_SomeWhereLEVEL 64

Comment by SomeBeach_SomeWhere

" Hello "
Ken My Talented Friend
Oh, My,
I Hope Your Eye Is Ok !!!!

I Apologize Ken for My Delay in Getting By to Listen to You Singing This Fabulous Duet With Me ....
My PC been Acting Up Alot & Keeping Me From SS Alot Lately ...
I Am So Honored to Have You Join Me In Performing This Beautiful, Touching Duet !!:)

Your Sounding Wonderful My Talented Friend ...
And..I Love This Performance ...Bravo to Us !!!:)

Sending You Bunches of Golden STARS & Lot's of Breezy Thank You Hugs to Breeze Your Talented Way !!
****************************** I Love This Alot !
HAVE A Fabulous Day Ken My Talented Friend !