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Lil' Red Riding Hood by BCHAL

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Lil' Red Riding Hood


Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs




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Recording information by BCHAL

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

My name is Tommy I live in South Africa, I am Married to Beverley, my love and inspiration.

Bob you are such an entertainer, you sure bring a smile to my face, this is a stunner my friend, I am enjoying this BIG time, aaaaaawoooo, haha I love it, >>>>>Tommy

cannotsing24LEVEL 109

Comment by cannotsing24SNAP-STAR

Wow love this song and your doing a
outstanding performance on it
coolllll fantastic ,,,,,,Shirley

NickysingsLEVEL 60

Comment by NickysingsGOLD

Hello Bob

Long time, buddy!

Oh yea......awooooo! You are doing a wonderful rendition! Enjoying my visit.

Have a great day and halloween!!!

DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardSNAP-STAR

Listening and loving what we are hearing here In Puerto Vallarta
Nancy & Maurice

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterSNAP-STAR

Singers From Afar Club - Get More Listens - Welcome!


Sing it Bob - Clapping!
I so enjoyed my listen - Cool sing for sure!
WTG on this great Spooky song - Loved it!
Great job Buddy - Happy Halloween!
Cheers, Peter

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Hi Bob!

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

This is the perfect song for this time of year!!...

What an Awesome sing from you Bob!!...

Excellent howl too!!...

I LOVED my listen very much!...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my friend!!...



Comment by Romantic_knightGOLD

All my beautiful videos are destroyed in the new player!

Well, i haven't heard this song before, but i sure loved what my ears listened to.

Great song my man, and wonderful sung.

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

Redoing my CS board so that the links will lead straight to the songs, stay tuned for new thread.

Far and awwwwooooayyyy a howlin' success of a performance, Bob!

jc4uLEVEL 105

Comment by jc4uSNAP-STAR

"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy." Ps.125:5 Blessings and Prayers!

Hi, Bob,
Oooooooo. . . . sensational performance here on this fun song. . . .
You are the Entertainer to be sure. . . lovin' this, big time. . . .
Big treats for you; enjoyed this so very much. . . oh yeah!!!!!

johngolfLEVEL 70

Comment by johngolfGOLD

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Good evening Bob,

sounding very wolfish here Buddy.....haven't heard this super fun song in ages..........

better go now can see more whiskers growing on your face...........and that's

great job Buddy..really enjoyed,.,,



Comment by mytunz4uGOLD

Great howling Bob. I love it when you sing this song. Mega terrific rendition. LIB clicked.