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Hotel California (Extended Acoustic) by rkingkaraoke

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rkingkaraoke 98 (harmony)


Hotel California (Extended Acoustic)






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rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Recording information by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

Shocktober: Who Dunnit Mystery?
Wk 1 Professor Punk.
Rules, Guidelines & The Link to Professor Punks Interrogation by Detective Willa Getcha
Click here for more Challenge Details & Clues...

Shocktober - Professor Punk!

During the Shocktober Kick-Off Party the unthinkable has happened. Our very own Mandyriffic was throttled by one of the Party-Go'ers! We have narrowed it down to four suspects and it is up to YOU to follow along each week, complete the challenges and then take a guess at who you think is the guilty party! This is one Shocktober you do not want to miss!

Week One Token!

Each week you are participating to collect a token for that represents a suspect. The first token you are competing for is Professor Punk!

Challenge Details:

You now have a choice, you can complete the ROCKIN' Challenge OR the SHOCKIN' Challenge! (You do not have to do both) This challenge consists of two parts. Both Part A and Part B must be completed. Read carefully!

Rockin' Challenge Part A:
You must sing any ROCK song that is available to you on the website.

Rockin' Challenge Part B:
In your song comment section, the Professor wants you to use your brain and write a poem using at least 5 of the following words; Grunge, Hair, Metal, Honky Tonk, Beat, Fall, Quiet, Brain

Shockin' Challenge Part A:
You must sing any song that is available to you on the website.

Shockin' Challenge Part B:
In your song comment section, the Professor wants you to use your brain and write a poem using at least 5 of the following words; Ghost, Moon, Howl, Candy, Spooky, Fall, Quiet, Brain


I chose the Rockin' Challenge....
Here is the poem I wrote for part B of this challenge:
The words used are Grunge, Hair, Metal, Fall, Quiet & Brain

The Grunge Dungeon Mystery

It was a quiet fall night...
But I had grunge metal on my brain!
If I stayed inside much longer...
I would surely go insane!!

The main floor of the Hotel was dead...
But the Grunge Dungeon was alive!
Rocking my 2020 Covid Hair...
I decided to venture inside.

Professor Punk was drunk and screamed...
"Attention Everyone... You Can NOT leave!!
Mandyriffic's missing, presumed to be deceased...
And now were all part of this "Grunge Dungeon Mystery!"

She Cried...
"Were all suspects now!!
Their even blaming me!
But I swear I didn't do it...
I just came in from the library. "

But I glanced at the book, the professor chose to read...
It was called Hotel California... A true crime murder mystery!
And as the stories told, The guest were welcome to proceed...
They could check out anytime they liked,... but they could never leave!

Could Professor Punk, be the punk, who's punking you and me?
As we sort through the shocktober clues... I hope its clear to see!
I don't know who done it? ... But I know it wasn't me!!
I guess that's why they call this.. "The Who Dunnit mystery?!"

Poem Written By Ruby
Oct. 09, 2020

On a side note:
I haven't been here all year due to health issues... & I've been missing SS SO Bad!!
Been having some serious SS withdrawl ... And I just couldn't take it any longer!
I'm struggling to sing right now.... But I just didn't want to miss this!
What an Awesome, Fun & Creative Challenge For Shocktober!
Even though I'm still not up to power... it does feel good to try & sing again!
Glad I decided to just go for it!

I love Shocktober Challenges, because they spark my creativity.
For instance....I'd have never written the poem above if it wasn't for this challenge.
Those of you that know me... know I like to add videos to my work.
Sorry this one doesn't have a video. I just learned of this challenge tonight.
By the time I got ready to record, I had one hour til deadline to record & write this poem.
And given the length of this song... I only had time to record the lead 2x, 1 for practice...
And only one take on the harmony... So wish I'd have had more time for that!
So many versions of Hotel California too. Saw this acoustic track & decided to wing it!
Hope you like my take on this acoustic arrangement of this classic Eagles song!

Hotel California" is the title track from the Eagles' album of the same name.
It was released as a single in February 1977.
Writing credits for the song are shared by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey.
Grammy Award Nomination for Song of the Year
* Source: Wikepedia
** YouTube Video for non profit entertainment only.
** All rights reserved for the talented people who were involved in producing it!

My Shocktober Playlist

Shocktober Week 1 ... Suspect... Professor Punk
Hotel California - Eagles (This Track )

Shoctober Week 2... Suspect... Mrs Soundtrack
All I want - Kodaline

Shocktober Week 3... Suspect... Reverend Groove
Dragula - Rob Zombie

Special Shout Out & Thanks
Thank You, To those of you who have kept me in your thoughts & prayers this year.
Please continue to do so... as I do need them & I do believe in the Power of Prayer!
You... And your Prayers are all very much appreciated! So... Thank YOU ALL, Very Much!!

As always... Thanks, for taking the time to stop by & listen!
Your time & comments are valued & appreciated... As are YOU, my friends!

Happy Shocktober Everybody! See you in your songs!
Hugs & Happiness Always! Ruby