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Peter Pan by mike1668

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Peter Pan


Kelsea Ballerini




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Recording information by mike1668GOLD

I guess this song describes the late Michael Jackson's personality pretty well ....... but I can't help but pray for my grand daughter along these lines ...... cause I know there are other Peter Pan types out there ...... and I hope and pray she is wise enough to see them coming ..... and know what to do

I guess the flip side to what seems to be the message in this song ....... is the question ........ Is the writer perceiving someone's faith as lofty and unrealistic? ......... Is it wrong to have your head in the clouds? ..... Jesus Christ taught that where your reward is, there your heart and thoughts will be ........ so is someone being tragically misunderstood here? Does society lay undo burdens on sensitive young individuals? ......... I think so ......

and so, my heart can't deny either perspective on this person who seems to be a hopeless and irresponsible dreamer .......... perhaps with a brilliant and wonderful blessing to offer ....... but I don't want the grey area to dull my sense of things ...... I prefer the bold contrast ..... and the idea that people are often much more than they seem ....... and the hope that they are better than typically percieved


Comment by -ErinBlue-GOLD

There's nothing wrong with a little flight in your steps as long as you always come back down when you need to. Knowing when to plant them back on the ground comes with age and experience. We all have to learn our own hard as it is to watch the ones we love make the same mistakes we've made, it is those mistakes that formed our understandings and wisdom over the years..and we can only pray their experiences will be the same.
unfortunately, us humans put more faith in people than in God many times. But It is God that forgives us for that time and again. We lose our faith in him many times in our lifetimes, but he never loses faith in us. The weight of his love in our hearts pulls us back down to reality and then lifts us we can see things as they are meant to be...through his eyes.
Sorry for the long comment..I am rested this morning, lol.


Comment by -ErinBlue-GOLD

This is a most beautiful to me..sung with feeling and intent and a loveliness I have learned to find in you.