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Barton Hollow by h50dano

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h50dano 63 & AmberBamberino 64


Barton Hollow


The Civil Wars


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h50danoLEVEL 63

Recording information by h50danoGOLD

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie/Amber Round 1
Clyde/Danny Round 1

Round 2 duet (1st layer by AmberBamberino)

9:12am May 23, 1934
Clyde stopped the car. He leaned forward over the steering wheel, squinting through the dirt incrusted windshield. Up ahead, there was a car parked precariously off to the side of the road.
“That's strange. Why is that car stopped like that half way down this long deserted road?” Bonnie wondered aloud.
“Maybe it's having some troubles?” Clyde guessed. His foot holding steady on the break. He looked at the bushes surrounding that car, peeking his head out the window to see better.
Bonnie poked her head out as well and listened. Such an eerie silence for the morning. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement from a bush, and a piece of sunshine bounced off something shiny causing a reflection from the greens. “Clyde! Go!”
Without hesitation, Clyde put the vehicle in action and swung it around, sending clouds of dirt flying.
As soon as they sped away, back in the direction they had come from, clinks of metal ricocheted off their car.
“Duck, Bonnie!” Clyde yelled, trying to avoid the ambush of gunshots.
Clyde had never driven faster.

Although they had always stayed close to home, Bonnie and Clyde knew there was no going back anymore. Too many close calls. The police had figured them out. If they kept returning home, they would only put their families in more danger, and that could not happen again.

So, north they drove. They knew they needed a new place, somewhere no one really knew of their infamy. While making these plans, something else helped make up their mind.
Bonnie's pregnancy.

It was decided that Canada would be their new start.
With new names and new looks, Bonnie and Clyde settled in quickly and quietly.
Before too long, they both got normal jobs. Clyde did landscaping and Bonnie worked in daycare. They bought a modest home and raised 3 children. Their children went to school, had slumber parties. Bonnie played bridge with the other mothers and Clyde went hunting with the men. They put up Christmas Trees. They paid bills. They mowed the lawn. They aged. They lived regular lives.
No one knew who Bonnie and Clyde were. It was a lost secret they kept.
But at night, sometimes, they would look at each other... their eyes full of mischievous twinkles. That lust for danger. That razor edge.
Sometimes Clyde would find Bonnie crying quietly on the front porch.
On a particular night, he approached her. “Dear, what is wrong?”
“I feel terrible...” She sobbed into a handkerchief. “I have a wonderful life. I love my kids, this house... and I love you. But I miss it. I just miss it so much.” She looked at him vulnerably. “Doesn't that make me just terrible?”
He knelt down beside her. “Maybe it does.” Then he smiled. “But I miss it too. That's why you're my girl. So, let's be terrible together.”
They made a vow to themselves that day. When their children were grown and on their own, they would go out, just one more time. Rob a bank, or a store, a final hoorah for old time's sake.

**story continued below**

h50danoLEVEL 63

Comment by h50danoGOLD

19 years had passed.
Their children were raised, married, there were even grandchildren.
The house was empty. The dining table where homework had once been scattered, now laid a large map with plans drawn on it. The silence of the home was broken by the sound of Bonnie loading her gun.
Like excited little children, they scurried through the house, packing their bags, food, and supplies.
Clyde would rob a bank, he was good with a gun and charming. Bonnie would drive the getaway car, as she was not very fast anymore with her burns. They had picked out the town, Barton Hollow, Montana. A very small, country town that hadn't modernized. So many years had passed, the world had changed. They were not prepared for a stick up in 1960's. They needed a town that was stuck in the '30s. Barton Hollow was just that kind of town. They hopped in the car, looked at each other, smiled and shared a kiss... and they were off for their big adventure.Bonnie sat in the running car outside the bank, her heart pounding in the most delicious way. She hadn't felt this young in years. She thought of all the ways to spend the money. But, was it about the money? Really? Maybe it was when they were young. But now, now maybe she knew better. It was always the chase. The glorious chase. It felt so good to be bad. Bonnie couldn't keep the smile off her face. She smoothed her hair back, took the last drag of her cigarette and stuffed it in the ashtray. Any minute now...

Clyde ran out of the bank and jumped in the car. Bonnie sped off. Clyde was bleeding from the head.
“Oh my God, Clyde!” she exclaimed. “What happened?! Are you okay?!”
“Just drive, Bonnie!” He glanced behind them. “I messed up! I messed up real bad!”
Sirens blared from behind them. Clyde threw the bag of money into the backseat.
Bonnie quickly turned off the main drag, and onto an old country road.
“They recognized me!” He told her. “I don't know how... but they did, and... I … Bonnie, I killed a man. They knew who I was and they jumped me and I shot the gun Bonnie! And I think I killed him!”
“What?! Oh No! Clyde!” She drove faster, the car bouncing, catching way too much air on the road.
“I'm so sorry. It got out of hand. I lost control in there. I was so stupid!” He shook his head.
3 police cars high tailed after them, closing the gap. The sirens not as loud as the pounding in their chests.
Bonnie's hand clamped the wheel, her knuckles white, sweating. “Clyde, I love you. No matter what happens, I love you.”
“I love you too, Bonnie.” He touched her face, and then pulled out his gun and leaned out the window and began shooting at the police car behind them.
Soon, the police began shooting back. A police bullet hit one of their tires and their car spun out of control and off the side of the road.
Bonnie screamed, trying to control the car as it plummeted down the hill, but there was no time. The car hit water. Bonnie's head flew forward into the steering wheel. Clyde slammed into the windshield.

The car sank deep into the river. Clyde slowly opened his eyes. Water. All around. His body came alive, all of his limbs jolting at once from shock. He looked over at Bonnie, blood flowing from her head, eyes closed, still sitting in the driver's seat, her hair dancing.
Clyde went to her, holding his breath, trying not to panic, trying to wake her. Pulling her, ripping at her shirt, then grasping at the seat belt. Her body would not budge. Desperately, he tugged on her but to no avail. Slowly, he realized he could not save her, and he realized that he could no longer hold his breath. He prepared himself to take one big swallow, to be at peace with his Bonnie. He could never be without her. He kissed his kids in his head one last time and then opened his mouth.
A hand appeared from above. The sleeve of a police officer broke the dark, grabbing a fistful of his shirt. Clyde rose to the surface once more.

3 Years Later
5 hours until execution.
Finishing his last meal, Clyde wipes his mouth with the napkin.
The warden asks him one last time. “You sure you don't want a Priest to come talk to you?”
Clyde grunts. He knows he ain't good with God.
The warden walks away.
Clyde closes his eyes. He thinks about his Bonnie. He thinks about the last time he saw her, in that watery grave. He wishes he would have died right there and then.
But he knows he deserves this. He knows what he's done. And he accepts it.
Their children now know who their parents really are, and they are heartbroken and devastated.
He knows they aint coming today, and he wouldn't want them to.
He's not too worried about dyin'.
He's got more important things to worry about.
He knows he's about to meet the devil.
The time ticks by. Sometimes too quickly. Sometimes too slowly.
And now it's time. He gets up.
And now he is walking.
One tear rolls down his face.
He can't help but hope that God remembers the one good thing about him...
how much he loved his Bonnie.

We chose this song because we believe this perfectly aligns with their story and how Clyde is feeling before he dies

AmberBamberinoLEVEL 64

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naomijapanLEVEL 22

Comment by naomijapan

Wow!! Great Vocals and Awesome Rewrite on your story
Your voices complementing each other
Loved it mdfs
GL in the contest!!


Comment by AN1

Love the "world music" feel of your song choice! Very refreshing! A great rewrite with vivid description too! Gorgeous duet from the two of you!!


Comment by IanHarrod

Did we all pick Bonnie and Clyde? lol Great job yall!

naomijapanLEVEL 22

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Great song choice to accompany your rewrite story
Enjoyed my Listen!!

DizfigureddollyLEVEL 38

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Just briliant! This was actually our first choice... So glad someone did it... Goodluck


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great job on this perfect song for ya'lls story!!!!

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Comment by DaBoo

That was so fabulous.....Bowing to the talent!!! A great rewrite too.

I have this album and play it all the time. This and 20 Years are my favorites.

Absolutely loved it!!!!

DebraDuncanLEVEL 43

Comment by DebraDuncanGOLD

love this song so much, we had chosen it too to begin with. is awesome, and you two were great, really enjoyed it, good luck xx

RavenDLEVEL 59

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I luved the re-write!!!!!! And great duet you two definitely has a haunting sound to it!!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!

karinrochelleLEVEL 40

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Singing heals

whew! great rewrite and awesome duet you two! just awesome harmoniesl. but i was expecting it. My lucky charm is fabulous and of course so is Amber

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Da Do Ron Ron Ron Da Do Ron Ron! So many offended people in this world... Da Do Ron Ron Ron!

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Thank you for the gold :)) Happy Valentines Day to my husband of 22 years <3

Wonderful singing!! Great story too!!!

Best of luck!

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