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Good Enough by Chastity

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Chastity 36


Good Enough


Sarah McLachlan




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willy17LEVEL 59

Comment by willy17

Great sing 5*****....

Blaker74LEVEL 46

Comment by Blaker74

Awesome video!!

Blaker74LEVEL 46

Comment by Blaker74

That voice of yours is amazing

Blaker74LEVEL 46

Comment by Blaker74

Enjoyed very much!!!

danbrantLEVEL 77

Comment by danbrantGOLD

sounding good...nice trees and porch swing...

Gibson143LEVEL 42

Comment by Gibson143GOLD

I was listening to a recording you did with me, must have been 8 years ago it seems.......and presto here you are singing Wow
Loving this "Master Piece"

Bravo, bravo! - Steve

ChastityLEVEL 36

Comment by Chastity

Hey! Omg. Ya. We need to do more!!!!

TabathaMarieLEVEL 47

Comment by TabathaMarieGOLD

Look at my girl. I love you! love this! Love the video!!!

ChastityLEVEL 36

Comment by Chastity

Aww. I love YOU girlie!

We need to get back together and start doing some duets. It's been too long!


Comment by GalliwaspGOLD

Love this song ...


Comment by GalliwaspGOLD

Well h*ll yea! Love it!

Great vocal, great vid ... whadda listen!


Comment by KarenW3759

Nice to see you chick!

Ace sing - you is amazing xxx

JplatypusLEVEL 14

Comment by Jplatypus

I love this song... And you do it justice... Can't wait to listen to more!


Comment by wonkim00

Out on your porch swing, singing on a beautiful (slightly windy) summer day...can't beat that.


Comment by wonkim00

Lovely rendition, Chas.

Great to see you back on snap!


Comment by BryTunesGOLD

Love this


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

Nice to see you out in the fresh air! Great sound, all things considered.

Your voice and delivery are so good, Chastity!


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

Cute expressions, too, even as you were about to blow away.