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Nobody Loves Me Like You Do by EZDUZIT

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EZDUZIT 58 & jennyg 96


Nobody Loves Me Like You Do


Anne Murray & Dave Loggins


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Recording information by EZDUZITGOLD

bethybug777LEVEL 83

Comment by bethybug777PATRON

hi Gene...... I like that background!

bethybug777LEVEL 83

Comment by bethybug777PATRON

oops..... you don't sound like Gene

bethybug777LEVEL 83

Comment by bethybug777PATRON

oh.... sorry.... I didn't look up there...... hehe sound awesome....and here comes Gene..... who also sounds awesome!

bethybug777LEVEL 83

Comment by bethybug777PATRON

WOW Gene..... you sure found the right partner here! .....I am sooo luvin this!

bethybug777LEVEL 83

Comment by bethybug777PATRON

best duet I've heard so far today! VERY pretty! should sing with her more!

CeylonLEVEL 63

Comment by CeylonGOLD

Superb duet. Love love it

HelenR5337LEVEL 98

Comment by HelenR5337GOLD

You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving ... Thanks for stopping by

Hi Gene and Jenny,
This is beautiful.....
Outstanding duet!
I loved my listen
Merry Christmas

bgalepLEVEL 46

Comment by bgalepGOLD

OH my goodness. What a beautiful duet. Merry Christmas to you both.


loverofmusikLEVEL 75

Comment by loverofmusikGOLD

Have A Nice Weekend

Hi Gene & Jenny,
Wow you two sing awesome together
Georgeous voices blending so perfect I loved this duet
Hugs yf Jenny

CarolinaKatieLEVEL 52

Comment by CarolinaKatieGOLD

Two beautiful voices on this duet! Loved my listen Gene.
Merry Christmas!

jennygLEVEL 96

Comment by jennygGOLD

Thank you so much for joining me, Gene! You did a very nice heartfelt rendition! This was beautiful!! I Loved it!

I think it was our second duet... but the other one was from 2015, a long time ago!! You completed the talked parts on one of my songs (That Man).

Thank you again for joining me!! Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!!!