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Almost Over You by Aubyanne

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Aubyanne 27


Almost Over You


Sheena Easton




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AubyanneLEVEL 27

Recording information by AubyanneGOLD

One-taker, Normal, Feature

Oh, man. This head cold is definitely wreaking havoc with my dynamics. Tempo problems out the wazoo. At least there's some better connexion in my mix now; that was concerning me.

Wish I could've gone for that A5. That's my favourite part of doing this song. Heh. Ah, well. Throat Coat tea, here I come!


Comment by -Shelley-GOLD

Hi Aubianne.....

You are sounding beautiful here, my first time hearing you.


Comment by -Shelley-GOLD

That was absolutely gorgeous. You are gifted with an amazing voice. Wow!

Enjoyed listening to you.

Have a great day!


CristiE8304LEVEL 46

Comment by CristiE8304GOLD

I love my friends wherever they are!

Sound amazing!Your voice is OUTSTANDING!Great job,Aubianne!Much applause and..of course,press your LOVE IT button!Hugs.Cristi.

Harley4everLEVEL 98

Comment by Harley4everGOLD

Beautiful voice and sing , sure enjoyed this visit . Gonna put You in my fav folder !
Thanks for sharing this pretty sing .
Will show the love as I leave ! #4