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Squaws Along The Yukon by rangers53

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rangers53 75


Squaws Along The Yukon


Hank Thompson




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rangers53LEVEL 75

Recording information by rangers53GOLD

Ooga ooga Mooshka, Bing. Love you Doll. I just love this song folks. It brings back fond memories of my leaving home in 1958 at age 16. A 16 year old COUNTRY boy headed from the deep south to - of all places - Los Angeles, California (that's another story entirely - note my profile picture to understand). This song came out in 1958 and I remember trying to sing along with it and - because it was so fast, I couldn't keep up with it but was so engrossed in the melody that I couldn't stop trying. "Ain't" music fun? Sure hope some of you remember this fun song and listen in. A sincere thank you if you do. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.



Comment by A_TxCowboy

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!

Hiya Mr Jim
You nailed this ole Hank tune my Texas pal
I enjoyed my listen
Merry Christmas

TerryC4767LEVEL 65

Comment by TerryC4767GOLD

Are you a Texas Ranger????. Wow you should be. This Kinda of singing needs authority and you sure possessed that. Merry Christmas jim.

bingobirdieLEVEL 81

Comment by bingobirdiePATRON

Hi Jim, I remember this well although I was only 10 when it came out. It's the type of country we heard all the time back then. Great singing, I sure enjoyed hearing it again, Sandy

GusHatziLEVEL 80

Comment by GusHatziPATRON

Fantastic sing here Sounds great

SamJonesLEVEL 70

Comment by SamJonesGOLD

It's all in how you look at it..

What an interesting song.. . great job singing it!!!!

yellowRose2013LEVEL 72

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

LOL I have never heard this song before .. Very cute... Thank you for posting on a Taste of Country... Rose

Bill_WolfsongLEVEL 83

Comment by Bill_WolfsongGOLD

Great job on this my friend/s
Have a nice day

*Sorry to have to copy and paste but with my issues for now I need to make thing easier for me
Merry Christmas from Scotland