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In The Still Of The Night by Burkjr

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Burkjr 78


In The Still Of The Night


The Five Satins




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BurkjrLEVEL 78

Recording information by BurkjrGOLD

Real quick lunch break one take... Recently saw the play "Dirty Dancing", and this was a featured song. The guy did a great rendition, but I wanted so bad to jump up there, and sing it! LOL I'll just have to settle for a Snap audience. : )


Comment by mexybGOLD

oh I bet that play was so fun! I would have loved it!
beautiful sing on this!
very nice indeed!!

Bucks_FizzLEVEL 110

Comment by Bucks_FizzGOLD

App seems to be able to do less than website?

Hi Rob

I love Dirty Dancing,the film. Not seen the play. I saw you had recorded this so had to come and listen.

This is wonderful.

Loved my listen.


Comment by SpQQkieGOLD

Be the reason someone smiles today! ??

I honestly don't think I've heard this song performed better!
It's such a classic and you certainly bring a first class vocal ...
loved this, Rob!


Comment by --Paula-Jayne--GOLD

TY peeps for the kind comments on my *ATOMIC KITTEN* song -always very appreciated- returns asap ?

Hiya there Rob ma sweet friend

Here n listenin


Comment by --Paula-Jayne--GOLD

TY peeps for the kind comments on my *ATOMIC KITTEN* song -always very appreciated- returns asap ?

I so LOVE this song....and you have the PERFICK voice for it ...

That upper range of yours...and that golden tone...makes it sound AMAZING


Comment by --Paula-Jayne--GOLD

TY peeps for the kind comments on my *ATOMIC KITTEN* song -always very appreciated- returns asap ?

Wonderful expressiveness on those lyrics ... and so clear with it as well

Such a silky smooth delivery ... a joy to listen to tonight.....kinda soothing before bedybyes

LOVED it...a LOT

No 4 on ur LIB

SUPERB vocal


babygirl3LEVEL 88

Comment by babygirl3GOLD

Hey Robert. .
I never knew they had a play for the movie..
I bet it was Awesome!~...
Love the song... Who doesn't love the oldies...
and You sure know this one ... and it really suits you Hon.
You could be the lead singer of this group...
You sound Amazing.... Couldn't ask for a better
cover of this wonderful song...

babygirl3LEVEL 88

Comment by babygirl3GOLD

It sounds soooo Dreamy and such a great slow
dancing song.. Candles and Fire are going ... so this made
for a sweet listen this evening...!!~ I just loved it
Thanks for delivering it Just Perfect as could be!~
Leaving with a smile As always!!~ Big Hugs. Meredith

babygirl3LEVEL 88

Comment by babygirl3GOLD


Comment by islandgirl67

Wow! This is so gorgeous Rob! You can sing just about anything and make it worth listening to. Loved this!!!


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

Hi Rob
It's great to see you back singing again, my friend. The "Satins" would be
a perfect name for that smooth beautiful voice of yours. Always so pitch
perfect. This is gorgeous, Rob! Makes me sway in my chair. Really loved
this. Those old romance songs are so sweet. You sure captured this one!
it! Hugs, Jan

ChandaLEVEL 87

Comment by Chanda

great song and I remember this from that movie which I have seen um.. 679 times.. I can literally recite the whole movie! hahaha I was grounded the year it came out on VHS and so... nothing else to do for the whole summer haha