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Who Can I Turn To by shirerif

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shirerif 100


Who Can I Turn To


Tony Bennett




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shirerifLEVEL 100

Recording information by shirerifGOLD

jcorwinLEVEL 92

Comment by jcorwinGOLD

Front Row ! I saw Tony in Vegas, Phoenix and California pretty much anywhere I could find him I am such a big fan. As I was typing that first sentence your voice came on singing this song I had to stop typing I was so impressed. Man I can't believe what i am hearing this is you absolute best o all my my friend and going to my playlist. >>>>>Jack

VincentiusLEVEL 47

Comment by Vincentius

I already knew before hitting PLAY that I would love I went ahead and was LIB#2.

Looks like Jack beat me here and I had to settle for SECOND row.

But even here it is sounding simply wonderful.


sandannieLEVEL 98

Comment by sandannieGOLD


I'm totally with Jack, wow! Ohhhhhh this is so beautiful, so beautiful. When you sing, there's just nothing better to do then listen. I absolutely love this Bill, it's such a gorgeous song and you made it "PERFECT". Gorgeous!
Hugs, Annie

gregsmoothLEVEL 79

Comment by gregsmoothGOLD

Hey to you Billy .. what a most beautiful musical and song number . I'm taking in your very very best song me thinks ... wow truly captivating my good man . Your tones are to die for . The perfect perfect song for you ..
Wow ..
Love this to bits ..
Bravo and standing O
Greg ...


Comment by sweetvoice36GOLD

Yummmieee what a pleasant listen this is my dear friend....
I agree with Greg.... this is captivating...

Happy New Year and see you next year

ArgentLEVEL 79

Comment by ArgentGOLD

You're the only one who can find your happiness. Be true to yourself...

Oh a perfect tune from Mr. Bennett! You know how to start a day off right Billy! Smooth and stylishly sung my friend! Way to bring it! Tony would be proud to hear this! Always a pleasure to visit your studio! Bravo!

SonyaKayLEVEL 81

Comment by SonyaKayGOLD

My profile pic disappeared Reverted to earlier one. Can’t find it ?

Mmmm. Tony B. . Sweet song choice! Very enjoyable on the ears. Love this “side” of you. Great big smile. Thanks for sharing




Comment by BertaRLGOLD

Happy New Years!
Loving this Billy...smooth and dreamy...fantastic and awesomely sung. I loved my listen...hugs and blessings,