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Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun by Smoosh

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Smoosh 21


Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun


Julie Brown




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SmooshLEVEL 21

Recording information by Smoosh

LOL, I love Julie Brown... she was LIKE, SO TOTALLY BITCHIN', FER SURE. Hope you enjoy my version of her song. *hehehe*

JdawgscLEVEL 22

Comment by JdawgscGOLD

Your voice is perfect for this one!
LOL, like the lyrics!

JdawgscLEVEL 22

Comment by JdawgscGOLD

I think I seen this movie!
This is cute...

JdawgscLEVEL 22

Comment by JdawgscGOLD

Well done Smoosh!
Yes it is!!...
Enjoyed the show...


Comment by sunshineglam

This is soooo nice...and I agree with the above...your voice fits the song....I remember all my fav Disney characters again hearing this....really AWESOME rendition my friend:-)! Hugss Shine

MissWolfieLEVEL 66

Comment by MissWolfieGOLD

OHHHH OMG I am gonna love this I know it! You are sounding Fantastic!!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!! Watch that gun! OMG I love this! You are Rockin' the hell outta this! Totally Valley girl!

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Comment by Softieone

Smoosh, hiya doll!!! I'm getting a few listens in before I call it a night, because I'm not a night owl. lol Listening

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Comment by Softieone

Oh man, that was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like a professional recording, not karaoke at all!!! I so loved it, girl!!!!!!! You are fabulous, Smoosh!!!! 5*****************************************************************

p.s. I used to know a Johnny when I was younger. (swooon) lol

SoftieoneLEVEL 11

Comment by Softieone

grrrr.. come on folks, she deserves 5.0 rating!!!!

thegirlnexdoorLEVEL 3

Comment by thegirlnexdoor sure sang the heck out of this one girl...loved sound fabulous indeed!!! Bravo! **********TerryAnn

NieuwkoopLEVEL 23

Comment by NieuwkoopGOLD

great singing- nice song, enjoyed it


Tim_MattertLEVEL 24

Comment by Tim_Mattert

Good GOD! Like I'm listening to the Dr. Demento Show!!!!
This is AWESOME $#!T Smoosh!!!!!!!!!
5*****'s from KY!!!

RiskyLEVEL 10

Comment by Risky


RiskyLEVEL 10

Comment by Risky


RiskyLEVEL 10

Comment by Risky


RiskyLEVEL 10

Comment by Risky

woohooo great stuff Smoosh it !

-SuzAnne-LEVEL 76

Comment by -SuzAnne-GOLD

Boohoo!! my equipment is messed up and I can't record.... :(

what a funny song! never heard it before! you did an awesome job on this.....WOW!! you nailed this girl!!!


bobbyd489LEVEL 2

Comment by bobbyd489

YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL''***********************

Gibson143LEVEL 42

Comment by Gibson143GOLD

Excellent job on this fun it ~ Steve
A new song for me


Comment by GoxnadlyGOLD

Wowsers you've got a great voice !!!!! Like far out....lookout !!! Everybody run !!!....aaaahhhhhhh... What a crazy are busting me up here too as well as singing this like the star of the show !!!!! What a story. Great performance !!

Purple72LEVEL 53

Comment by Purple72

ohhhh are soo awesome !!!!