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Almost Over You by MelissaPA

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MelissaPA 42


Almost Over You


Sheena Easton




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MelissaPALEVEL 42

Recording information by MelissaPAGOLD

OK..take 2..disabling the "enable music" and the "adjust timing" feature. I can't get my mic volume right if I don't have my properties set to "What U Hear" If you use the "Enable Music" option, the track overlaps itself and the timing is off. I figure, since I have a mixer I can just fool around w/the music/volume settings on my own...if you disable the "Enable Music" is the recording still in stereo? I am having trouble telling the speakers just have a volume/power control..I can't adjust them right/left. Very tired..this is my last experiment for the night..I think the overall quality of the recording turned out better than the last version.

yojrnLEVEL 32

Comment by yojrn

having a problem with my sound mix as well.....had to listen to this it is my fave song..........yey! you have a lovely voice.....pretty pretty pretty number this is......tough song & you just nailed it........

rain of stars for yah ***********************************

yojrnLEVEL 32

Comment by yojrn

flagged yah..........:0)

CheekylilvixenLEVEL 2

Comment by CheekylilvixenGOLD

Ya sound beautiful no matter what version lol. I hear you just fine on both. THe sound is fuller on the other version but that is because it is twice the sound lol.


Comment by k2501961GOLD

New Snap site needs major refinement.

This is very nice on one of my most favorite songs of all time! If you do a retake I *think* you can do this in the original key which will bring out your voice even more magnificently!

~ Chris

ShyLynnLEVEL 3

Comment by ShyLynn

I wish I could help with the "stereo" opinion, but I just don't hear the difference.

Did you use the key changer? I doubt it; I KNOW you can hit the original notes. You have fantastic range.

I love both versions, but like this one better because your voice stands out more than the music.

jarcher48LEVEL 27

Comment by jarcher48GOLD

this is just awesome.....sounds clear and can hear you beautiful voice so clear...and the music is just right....stereo sounds fantastic.....can't wait till i get it....sure wish i could sound like awesome....hugs....jeanne

Dave_M_SimonsLEVEL 3

Comment by Dave_M_Simons

OMG!! Melissa hun you sound absolutely brilliant pitch perfect, excellent phrasing and control, I close my eyes and I see myself listening to an awesome CD published by you, thats how good you really are.