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Endless Love by janni----

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janni---- 69 & MALEVANS 8


Endless Love


Lionel Richie & Diana Ross




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janni----LEVEL 69

Recording information by janni----GOLD

MAL, Per Te..


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

Wonderful !!! I am sure Mal will be pleased with this Janice. The blend of your voices is lovely. Loved it hon hugs Jimmy

ShawnSnapLEVEL 2

Comment by ShawnSnap

This is beautiful you two. Who doesn't love this song. Its pure beauty.


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

Hi Janni,

This was quite magnificent, you both have such smooth and clear was such a popular song from yesterdays feature, but this is by the far best version i have heard!..stunning!

Very well done indeed the pair of you!...this was EXCELLENT

FatRatLEVEL 57

Comment by FatRat

Endless stars to you both! This would HAVE to be one of, if not the best duet on here!
Congrats to you both, just GREAT!!!


Comment by MALEVANS

Jan ..... You not only got the balance spot on but your vocal is the most wonderful compliment.

Let's be honest. To take a MONO track and do what you have just done is not at all easy, in fact it's extremely difficult. Add to that the quality of your performance and this is one special track.


......... Now let's do a STEREO.


Comment by MALEVANS

Just have to nominate this.


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

I agree Mal !!


Comment by Kimmyd1975

Oh Man!! I just love this!! Great job!!

DougSingsLEVEL 51

Comment by DougSings

I see that you have done your magic again Janni Truly a superb performance from both you and Mal of an absolute favourite of mine. Outstanding singing, just very, very beautiful.

greeneyes56LEVEL 89

Comment by greeneyes56SNAP-STAR

Did 2 songs today. Will be back later for listens. Stay safe and healthy!!

Outstanding performance...beautiful...great job Janice and Mal!!


Comment by HOUNDDOG

well.,., well .,.,.,well.,.,.,
this is the best ive heard on
sing snap and why not.,.,.,
you two are totaly incredible together.
infact....this is better then the original.
you bet im nominating this......
billions of stars..........:))

daneLEVEL 10

Comment by dane

janni what a fantastic duet im listen to you both are singing so wounderful just fantastic to listen to again i love to listen to you sing with that beautiful and o so stong voice you have your friend larry


Comment by A_G_A

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well done both, very nice!


Comment by Music_Lover_1934GOLD

This could very well be a new release of this fantastic song...the album being called:

"Mal and Janni sing Endless Love"

It was a beautiful treat.......thank you both........Tillie


Comment by tjo

wonderful. youguys sound great together. really enjoyed my listen. another hall of fame nomination.

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterSNAP-STAR

Singers From Afar Club - Get More Listens - Welcome!

Great sing there you two - Take a Bow!
It was a pleasure listening to you both
Hugs & Cheers, Peter

jdedLEVEL 10

Comment by jded

Good morning sunshine! Listen to y'all.. the blend of perfect voices! Both of you are so very talented.. Bowled over by the beauty-iness of this! WOW Hope you do more duets together!


jdedLEVEL 10

Comment by jded

I have to sit here and push replay over & over a few times.. hope you don't mind

Al_DSilva1967LEVEL 43

Comment by Al_DSilva1967GOLD

hey there hugssssssss gm omg its raining like crazy here lol

Great song choice here hon

loving every min of the sing by you both great duet

So beautiful

Al_DSilva1967LEVEL 43

Comment by Al_DSilva1967GOLD

Love it hugsssssss