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I Need You by freddybruce

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freddybruce 101 & RachelRae8 111


I Need You


Faith Hill & Tim McGraw




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freddybruceLEVEL 101

Recording information by freddybruceGOLD

Finally made to Snap 2.0...wish me

After 61+ straight up hours of being on the phone, My Rachel and I decided we would sing a song......being that we are in love, we thought this would be a nice one to do....I will redo my part later as I just learned this and Rachel is being extremely helpful and supportive with the phrasing etc....OMG we are having sooooooooooooo much fun together and this was also our first Christmas together so that makes it even better....I can't wait to be with her on the 14th of January...I NEED YOU Rachel..... BTW we are still on the phone thanks for stopping by all

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

Hi Bru my baby!......

..even though I can barely feel my ear, it's a good thing I can still hear you sing this beautiful song to me!.....

I always love singin' with you and I'm glad we paused for the cause.. this turned out sweet!!... Like you!!

..thank you for loving me and for the endless hours of fun!.. I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing you in just a little over 2 weeks!.....

I love this and I love you!

-your Rach xoxo

freddybruceLEVEL 101

Comment by freddybruceGOLD

Finally made to Snap 2.0...wish me

Ditto the moon and back

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

Num1gmLEVEL 101

Comment by Num1gmGOLD

Oh my......I feel like I'm peeking in someone's bedroom window......but I just had to tell you both how excited I am for you. I'm smiling from ear to ear just listening to the two of you sing this together. At the same time, tears are flowing, just remembering......well, you know.......but I am thrilled for the two of you......I keep hoping there is someone else, but I sure haven't found him yet!!!! God bless the two of you and your time together......I'll be thinking of you! (and envying you! LOL)
Big Hugs

Firefox58LEVEL 72

Comment by Firefox58


How cool...congratulations!!! I'm really happy for you both!

Two awesome favorite voices coming together for one terrific duet!

God bless you on your new journey with each other and may you have the happiest of new years!