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Always On Your Side by Lurifax

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Lurifax 8 & mack2247 87


Always On Your Side


Sheryl Crow & Sting




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LurifaxLEVEL 8

Recording information by Lurifax

"LAND HO!" the crew yelled out. After what had seemed like weeks lost at sea, up ahead was an island. The Devil's Mermaid dropped anchor, lowered the boats and rowed for shore. "Ummm Captain?" my first crew mate looked up at me and handing me the spyglass said. "I think you should look at this!" I peered through, All I could see was red near the shore, lots and lots of red. It was blood! As we got closer I could make out what looked like a figure of a man laying in the shallow water. I think he's still breathing! "Faster!" I yelled to my
crew.."There is a man! I think he's dying. He needs my help!"
A feeling had washed over me, who was this man? why did I care so much? Normally I would just walk by someone dying or perhaps, be courteous and slit his throat, you know put him out of his misery. My crew looked at me in astonishment for being so kind but rowed harder and faster.....Something was telling me I needed to save this man, not kill him. When we got close enough I jumped out of the boat and ran through the water towards him. "I am here now, relax" I said and he whispered back "You are really here"
His eyes only opened for a second before he went unconscious again..Those eyes! Where have I seen those eyes? I could see the entrance to a large cave in the distance and I decided to move the man there so we would have shelter and I could clean his wounds. As my crew carried him my mind was racing. What was he talking about? Who was really here?
His hair was over grown and his beard was thick, his clothes were in rags and he had more cuts and bruises than a seamstress could mend.Why did I know his eyes? When we got into the cave I built the fire back up and that is when I seen them. All over the cave were the drawings and writings of a madman! This man was crazy! So that's why his nails and fingers were torn almost to the bone. I thought, How long had he been here all alone? What has driven him to madness? "Mutiara, Mutiara you are here!".... "No. I am not the girl you seek, but do not fear I will not harm you" I said to him calmly. "Waaaater!" he demanded in a raspy voice, I brought it over and kneeled down close to him.
"JILLY!!" He gasped, I couldn't help but smile but his expression quickly changed to shock and he passed back out. How did he know my name? I took my knife and cut his shirt away to clean some cuts. And that is when I saw it..Just above his belly button, there was a scar in the shape of a quarter moon. I had seen this before, I knew this scar and there was no denying it. I had made this mark!!! But how could this be?? After all of these years! We were so far from the Alto Sea...This wasn't a madman!. It was my Silv! But it couldn't really be him could it?
The last time I had seen him, I was in my 15th year. We had grown up together and were inseparable. The very best of friends. We were always playing together, and getting into trouble. He was my one true friend, the only person I could count on .But we didn't stay kids forever and grew up fast. I studied jewels and he studied nothing but girls! By the time we were 13 and 14 I was the ONLY girl on the whole island who hadn't been to his cabin. He was a lady charmer, ha! more of a snake charmer if you ask me! That Scurvy Dog had even tried to lay with me!! I explained to him that you can't catch butterflies with lovers, and that we were better friends. And he agreed. It had been that way for as long as I can remember and would be till we died! I remember the last day we saw each other. His mother was sending him away! Sending him away to live a life at sea, far away from the girls on the island, far away from me and our friendship. I would never see him again. Or at least I thought so..
-Jilly "Cutthroat" McGavin

I awoke to the warmth of the fire and the smell of food cooking..I realized I was in the cave again, my writing etched on the walls reminding me of how I had gone crazy..."Mutiara, Mutiara" I tried to yell "You are here!!!"... "No" a voice said, "I am not the girl you seek, but do not fear I will not harm you"...."Waaa wa waaterrrrr" the word burned my throat as it came out.. I could barely see and the room was starting to spin. A figure came to me and leaned in close...And even in this state that I was in, I knew that face!! "Jilly!" I hadn't seen her since I was a boy back in the alto reef. How did she find me? Was I even alive or was this the after life? Jilly had stolen my heart when I was a boy, she was both fearless and tough, and could handle a sword better than anyone in the Reef. The scar on my stomach is not only proof of that, it's a reminder from the day I tried to kiss her, she told me that the next time I tried it would be a Full Moon. I had chased that girl all over that island, but she wore me down insisting we were better friends, and she had been right, she was my heart, my best of friends, the only person I had ever fully trusted. When I had found out my mother was sending me away, I begged Jilly to come with me, even though we both knew she couldn't come. I didn't want to lose my only true friend! The day I left the Reef was a day that took years to get out of my mind..Her tears were streaming, our eyes locked in a final goodbye then she buried her face in her hands. I had thought of her often over the years and wondered what had happed to her. And now here she was, right before me. And as much as I wished it was Mutiara, I was happy it was Jilly who found me. She was the best friend I ever had, and maby the only one that could save me from me, and this damned Island. She just sat there staring at me, tending to my wounds and giving me that same special look she used to give me when we were kids. A look that I had spent a life time missing. I was very much alive, I had found my best friend! I was thankful, and couldn't wait to feel better so we could talk. There was so much I wanted to tell her, so much I wanted to ask. The last thing I remember before blacking out again is her smile. I had found my best friend...or as the story goes. - She found me!

LurifaxLEVEL 8

Comment by Lurifax

(For jugdes only)
CityandMusic's Vocal Layer:
Lurifax's vocal Layer:

mack2247LEVEL 87

Comment by mack2247

I couldn't help but love it, I hope that doesn't get me in trouble! hahaha! if it does, take a vote off


mack2247LEVEL 87

Comment by mack2247

That should say "Thanks Lurifax" I am just so darn excited about how awesome this is that I cant type. hahah

mack2247LEVEL 87

Comment by mack2247

I cant believe I have already viewed this 7 times! bahahah! (and counting) lol! mahahahaah!


Comment by Ladie-BGOLD

A Phenomenal duo!!! [=

City and Lurifax!!!

Absolutely Fabulous!!!

Loved it!!!



Comment by RaeZee

Two weeks of covid pneumonia! Hold on to your sweet dreams ... and wear a mask! ?

My FAVE, you both sound wonderful together!! LOVED it!! you got my vote!

maryheinLEVEL 29

Comment by maryheinGOLD

Sooooooo beutifulllll!!! yall had some serious chemistry on this. That makes for a OUTSTANDING duet!!! GREATTTT job and good luck you two!!!



Comment by xCHELLExGOLD

This is just beautiful, I am soooooooooooooooooo proud of both of you xxxxxxx


Comment by xCHELLExGOLD

You really work together so well!!!!!!!!


Comment by xCHELLExGOLD

I am sure its worth all the blood sweat and tears xxxxx Well done both of you!!!!!!!

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Hope you are all doing well! <3

Beautifully sung you two and great video!! Good luck!


Comment by GrannyNanGOLD

Oh yeah!
This is fantastic.
Loving it!
You both do so well together!
Best of luck in the contest!

BlaizenTrailsLEVEL 5

Comment by BlaizenTrails

WoW, Y'all... This is BEAUTIFUL!!! You both sing really well together, and the cam effects are SWEET! WoW!!!

OHlittleredheadLEVEL 53

Comment by OHlittleredheadPATRON

Such a fabulous, heartfelt performance guys........I truly loved this.....
You both are so freakin talented..........Such an awesome collaboration......


Comment by four-leaf-clover

Hitting the love button!!!


Comment by JulieWoodGOLD

Hi Dusty and Lurifax! Dusty you already know how much I adore your voice and your infectious personality but you have really outdone yourself here! And Lurifax you sound spectacular as well!

The way you two combined your stories was very creative!

The video is absolutely gorgeous... I love how it is understated and elegant... it looks like a real music video! Not to mention ou both look fabulous! Good luck you two!

DolorosaLEVEL 50

Comment by DolorosaGOLD

AWESOME Video!!AWESOME performance,*******************I loved it, loved the vocals***************Wishing you both the best of luck,Doris

--Katie--LEVEL 48

Comment by --Katie--GOLD

Well then....

This is really beautiful you the video...and the vocals!...good luck!

a_god_sLEVEL 111

Comment by a_god_sGOLD

Bah humbug!

Awesome performance!! Loved it!


Comment by -DJ-GOLD

awesome by you both
beautifully done
and what a fantastic video presentation
truly an enjoyable listen