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My Immortal (Piano & Strings) by agrabler

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agrabler 52


My Immortal (Piano & Strings)






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agrablerLEVEL 52

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I miss my wife Teresa so much. Just barely into my second year as a widow, but it still feels like I just lost her. Please pardon the big sniffle mid song...I couldn’t help it, and I was in no shape to try a second take.

Yes, that is her urn I am holding in the song thumbnail photo. I still looking for the perfect one. It cropped it weirdly though, so the photo I am holding of us only shows me. You can see a retake of what the photo was supposed to be here:

I keep her on my nightstand, with photos, and a battery operated candle that stays on longer than it is supposed to and turns on randomly by itself, more times a day than it is supposed to. And her urn never stays in it opens on its own, so I generally leave it open.

Please, please, no prayers.
Do comment, but....Please, no animated pictures as/in comments. I love to hear what you think, but if you put animated stuff, I cannot look at it, as it makes me dizzy.

Despite the lyrics, I don’t want her to have left...or to leave..