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Lovely Rita by Dannie777

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Dannie777 15


Lovely Rita


The Beatles




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Dannie777LEVEL 15

Recording information by Dannie777GOLD

A classic Paul

Yes, that's me panting at the end along with the background singers, hehe.

RinoLEVEL 22

Comment by Rino

Not an easy song to sing, (at least for me), but you were perfect on it. Even down to the last puff. Loved it.

RinoLEVEL 22

Comment by Rino

I meant last pant. You were smoking on this, but there were no puffs.

glopLEVEL 3

Comment by glop

I only found out (online) about 6 months ago who and what Rita supposedly was. Another good clean family-friendly song by Sir Paul.

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

There's whiskey under the bridge and dust balls under the fridge.

Hey, you are doing the whole Beatles album over here. lol I must admit I'm not familiar with this song. But as well as you are singing this, I don't need to hear Paul do it. This is great. And so the panting. lol This sure was a strange song. Great singer, YOU, but strange song. lol Nice job kiddo.


Comment by smileyblueGOLD

Hi Danielle , i dont know this one but i sure enjoy hearing you sing it (*_*)


Comment by smileyblueGOLD

Ohhh yup me heard you panting ... he heee
This was very nice mon amie...hugsss
Une belle chanson et bien chanter ...caresses (*_*)