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A Spoonful Of Sugar by samiam171

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samiam171 71


A Spoonful Of Sugar


from Mary Poppins




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samiam171LEVEL 71

Recording information by samiam171GOLD

Nothing makes me smile like this song! (the best part is the end.... )

williamw9914LEVEL 47

Comment by williamw9914GOLD

Bravo wtg....*****....

byStangzLEVEL 76

Comment by byStangzGOLD

Take me home, country roads. free to travel

hiya Sam :0

great advice, could of used it this morning.

loved it

hope you have a great day

-scott-LEVEL 50

Comment by -scott-GOLD

One of my favorite musicals
And oh my did you nail this sis!
Julie would be impressed
Loved it, especially the wonderful highs at the end
Thanks for sharing the beautiful music this morning!!


Comment by --Baz--GOLD

I LOVE your versatlity, your talent,


Comment by --Baz--GOLD

Absolutely breathtaking!
Of course, I love your voice but there's so much more to this track and your impeccable timing on it, your stunning feel for the lyrics, both spoken and sung...well, as I say, simply breathtaking! The very best anyone could possibly sound on it..seriously! Man..THOSE highs!