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Bridge Over Troubled Water by Tinypumpkin

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Tinypumpkin 109 & MotownSinger


Bridge Over Troubled Water


Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter




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TinypumpkinLEVEL 109

Recording information by TinypumpkinSNAP-STAR

A-Z & SFFA Challenge song:

This version is different from that of Simon & Garfunkel's...wanted to try again when I found this lovely open duet.
Hope you don't mind that I tried this song with you David...thank you for your open duet and MLP's fantastic setup.
I always have problem singing CS songs...hopefully I didn't mess up too much of this.
Thank you indy_rosser for this upload.

Thank you for your visits my dear friends. If you listened please leave a comment so I could return the favor.