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Against The Wind by LordoftheStrings

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LordoftheStrings 52 (harmony)


Against The Wind


Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band


2 Duets


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LordoftheStringsLEVEL 52

Recording information by LordoftheStringsGOLD

Backing Track.
As promised, another installment to my Bob Seger selections. You're welcome to join me on this one if you like.

Thanks for stopping by and listening. I always appreciate that.

MzCookie1LEVEL 59

Comment by MzCookie1

Evening Terry.....

You always find the best songs to do....

All 3 of sound sound so amazing together...

This is my favorite type of music.... It's got me swaying in my chair and tapping my toes.....

You are such an amazing musician... So glad you're back...

I absolutely loved my listen, from beginning to ending, and now I'm off to hit your Love It button.... I'm lucky #1

MzCookie1LEVEL 59

Comment by MzCookie1

Thanks for saving me the front row..

DaddyslgLEVEL 34

Comment by Daddyslg

Oh my so wonderful. I am so happy I found you to listen too. So lovely. Thanks for sharing. ************* Helen


Comment by Pat_EGOLD

Woot!! Great to see that you back, Terry, and delivering this magnificent orchestration! BRAVO!! Loved my visit!!!

Love, Hugs, and Smiles and a Happy Friday and weekend ahead XXOO :D

wishinanhopinLEVEL 62

Comment by wishinanhopinGOLD

Trying to do some listening today. Hope everyone is safe and sound.

Hey Terry!

Very cool ... you are so danged talented! As you know, I'm not as big Bob Seger fan but Di is. The only song of his I like is "Old Time Rock And Roll".

But you sound terrific o9n this. Very cool indeed! Do sends her luv & hugs.

Alan & Di


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

This is SO nice! How wonderful to hear you playing again, Terry!

objoeLEVEL 61

Comment by objoeGOLD

Hey Terry, I'm thinking that I did this with you which I have to look around to see but it was a long time ago and I loved it then and I love it now and you're doing this song the way it was meant to be done and I'm glad that you're back to singing hopefully to stay because you know as well as I do lots of people aren't here anymore some just dropped off some dead some who knows where anyway bro great job talk to you later..... Joe


Comment by TraksGOLD

Finished up mowin' the lawn just as the rain started to fall! New laptop and lightening.. I'm out

Well done. Enjoyed your playing! Would be fun tobe able to play like that!


Comment by Angel1962GOLD

Have I told you how wonderful it is to have you back?
Always love to listen to you... Mr. BIG time Talent

I will always be amazed at how smoothly you do these tracks of yours. I know they take a lot of time to put together...but the end result is always beautiful...
just like this one

Pure Class all the way.
Loved this~!!!

Hugggs ~Angel~


Comment by lilcrackerGOLD

Hi Terry What a great song & your talent makes this song even better!!!! Love your video & those “MAGIC FINGERS”

Always a pleasure to sit in your studio my friend!
So glad to have you back!!! ~Anita~