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Angry All The Time by Burkjr

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Burkjr 78


Angry All The Time


Faith Hill & Tim McGraw


3 Duets


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BurkjrLEVEL 78

Recording information by BurkjrGOLD

Just learned this... Sad but beautiful song. ~OPEN~ if you want to join me. : )


Comment by --FireFly76--GOLD

It would be so helpful to know which song version you are clicking on to sing!

Hi Rob, this is a new tune for me

You sound so amazing here!

What a great song....thanks for the intro to this one

Nice heartfelt vocals on your part....gonna have to listen to see if I can learn this one

Loved this Rob!

Hugs, Karen


Comment by hnogirlGOLD

New for me as well. I understand what you mean.


Comment by hnogirlGOLD

Sometimes it's like someone writes a song as if they know you personally. I love this Rob. I hope Karen will join you, I'd love to hear it. You sound incredible.

Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Comment by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

I love this song.

Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Comment by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

Brings me to tears, especially this last couple years.

You did a fabulous job on this. I may join you later. Got some things to work around this morning.

Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Comment by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

thanks for the open invitation

countryfan1959LEVEL 65

Comment by countryfan1959GOLD

Beautiful sing on your part Rob!! You nailed it!

DarladebaeLEVEL 78

Comment by DarladebaeGOLD

OK so that was beautiful Rob and I cant wait to join you on it... love love love how you sound on this one my friend, great sing hugs Deb


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

hi there, Rob
and hey .. I'm a duet lover too


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

I love them Faith Hill & Tim McGraw ...


Comment by BarefootJorjiGOLD

You just learned this ..? wow
It sounds like you sang it times before...
Another awesome sing here, Rob ..
and Thank youuu for another open duet for us girls
hugs .. JorJi,


Comment by lilcrackerGOLD

Hi Rob New song to me!! Your part is just perfect!! Really like this one! Top Shelf all the way!!
IT ~Anita~