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Baby, It's Cold Outside by singingsister57

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singingsister57 105 +1 & tfson 68


Baby, It's Cold Outside


Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews


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singingsister57LEVEL 105

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Sorry not much listening. Trying to get mic working in Windows 10 and get files transferred.

Awhile back, I used my part of the recording for a challenge. This part is me playing the male...obviously, and the second part was me playing the female. When the challenge was over, I thought it would be interesting to put this in my open duets to see if any guys were brave enough to dress or at least act like a woman. Well, my friend Tom is the only one who even sang this song with me on this recording and he put his own....shall we say, twist, on it.

Tom, we sure have had fun over the years singing duets together. Over 8 years now. We both look different, but we sure do have the same amount of fun. I can honestly say I don't think we ever had this kind of fun before, though. LOL I had to put this on my account, too. I loved this, my friend!


Comment by soon_to_come

hmmmm.....very interesting!


Comment by soon_to_come

Tom is brave...or a true friend...or both ....hahaha


Comment by soon_to_come

oh YEAH! I always love that ending with some good harmony! "guys" were perty darn good!

DawnNeptuneLEVEL 96

Comment by DawnNeptuneGOLD

At times, I fit into lyrics more then I fit into life!

hahahahha!!!!! That is good! love this version, you both are awesome!!!!!

tfsonLEVEL 68

Comment by tfsonGOLD

I am the only one? They must have been scared too Julie!!! I love this!!!! I had to do this for dun of course and adding another memory!!!


tfsonLEVEL 68

Comment by tfsonGOLD

We will have to do this one again ok? I plan on doing a lot more duets and you have to be part of that ya know? Loved this duet with you Julie!!! Merry Christmas my friend!!!!!