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To Know Him Is To Love Him by Adam

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Adam 39


To Know Him Is To Love Him


The Teddy Bears




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AdamLEVEL 39

Recording information by Adam

I love this song, so here's my version "To Know Her Is To Love Her".

I would have liked to sing this a couple of semi-tones higher, but it made the backing singers sound like chipmunks

mhelhuLEVEL 6

Comment by mhelhu

Absolutely brilliant Addie. Well worth waiting for. This song was made for your voice and you really nailed it. Loved my listen!

karayone1LEVEL 71

Comment by karayone1GOLD

beutiful ^_^warm voice

_Cookieface_LEVEL 45

Comment by _Cookieface_


Very nicely sung, awesome vocal and performance, Adam.


Dallas-63LEVEL 85

Comment by Dallas-63GOLD

I so understand what you mean by your status but this is really good.. so loving my listen

just_meeLEVEL 44

Comment by just_meeGOLD

This is a great song and sing, lovin my listen here.


Comment by Sapphire017GOLD


Chatting on fb and listening to you lol

This is gorgeous hun!!!!!

I did this with myself a few years ago and I LOVE this song!!!!

Really enjoyed this



I'll be back...

PhyllisM7785LEVEL 43

Comment by PhyllisM7785

I love this song, great job.

Crooner1LEVEL 69

Comment by Crooner1GOLD

"No matter where you are... always keep a song in your Heart!!?". ??????

Howdy friend! Mighty fine sing ! I likeee this! Nice voice! Nice song choice! Nice tone quality too and nice blend! Nice timing and blend! Crooner1 in the house listening from start to finish! Great Performance and LIB! Bravo!

RocaLoveLEVEL 42

Comment by RocaLoveGOLD

Wow...feeling this!
Love it!

CeylonLEVEL 63

Comment by CeylonGOLD

Very smooth. love it