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Love The World Away by alrusso58

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alrusso58 56


Love The World Away


Kenny Rogers




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alrusso58LEVEL 56

Recording information by alrusso58GOLD

A little love before or after an emergency situation is always a good path to take.

zachpeterLEVEL 53

Comment by zachpeterGOLD

Hi Singsnap friends, been here since 2008, living in New Jersey singing keeps me going at 76.

Hi, Al, great song choice, and wonderful vocal ...loved it, thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year ... Pete

XtineLEVEL 70

Comment by XtineGOLD

Taking a break from Singsnap. Happy New Year everyone!

What a very lovely sing! I don't know this song but you sold it to me from the off! Great vocals my friend!

Hugs Christine

Adriana_8LEVEL 68

Comment by Adriana_8GOLD

Hello Al this was wonderful and loved my listen. Happy New Year! It! *******************

dawnlouiseLEVEL 80

Comment by dawnlouiseGOLD

Had my First Vaccine and feeling Super ... :-)

Hiya Al buddy ...

dawnlouiseLEVEL 80

Comment by dawnlouiseGOLD

Had my First Vaccine and feeling Super ... :-)

sounding FANTASTIC my friend ....

dawnlouiseLEVEL 80

Comment by dawnlouiseGOLD

Had my First Vaccine and feeling Super ... :-)

Pushed ya button

AWESOME JOB .... All the Best for 2020 ...
love and Hugs xxx

saba9882LEVEL 52

Comment by saba9882GOLD

Another fab performance Mdf! Happy new year

daphneloungesingerLEVEL 61

Comment by daphneloungesingerGOLD

Sounding awesome! Love the performance and your sentiment! Braaavo!***********************




There is good in all things no matter how small

This is beautiful you have such a nice singing voice flagging you my friend hugs T

loverofmusikLEVEL 75

Comment by loverofmusikGOLD

Have A Wonderful Week

Hi ya Al,
You got that right you can’t get enough love anytime
You are singing so beautifully
Your voice gorgeous I love it
Have a Happy New Year yf Jenny
Lib #6
Good Luck

Bear50LEVEL 97

Comment by Bear50SNAP-STAR

Sorry I haven't been around I was in the hospital last week they found Blood Clots in my lungs..

Trinket my cat your forever in my Heart, have fun up at Rainbow Bridge..(11/21/2019)

dancing and jamming to your AWESOME song and music.... we Love to Dance

Pushed Your LIB*S* on the way out

PlatinumFillyLEVEL 72

Comment by PlatinumFillyPATRON

<3<3<3<3 XXXX +

Hello Al! I don't know this song but you sang it BEAUTIFULLY! Loved it! Hugs Karen

ragtime108LEVEL 101

Comment by ragtime108SNAP-STAR

Outstanding fab performance of this great Kenny Rogers "Love The World Away" song! ...

jahawk009LEVEL 60

Comment by jahawk009GOLD

Hello my new friend Al here and listening to your great kenny R,song mighty fine pick fo sho you sound great wtg Happy new year fan joe Hawk God bless


Comment by LivingInPaGOLD

You did a super job singing of luck to you

singer6LEVEL 46

Comment by singer6GOLD

Hey there Albert......mighty fine sing my friend......Excellent......Brian...