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How's The World Treating You by GinaM01

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GinaM01 80 (harmony)


How's The World Treating You


James Taylor & Alison Krauss




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GinaM01LEVEL 80

Recording information by GinaM01GOLD

Though my computer no longer works on this site, I will keep trying to sing on my phone app. ??

"All my dreams have been shattered, HOW'S THE WORLD TREATING YOU."
Decided to add a 3rd part to this beautiful song. I added the higher notes to it.
I like to challenge myself from time to time and sing songs this way. Such a pretty song this is.
Maybe someone out there would like to sing the first one with me?
Thank you if you do and thanks for listening and goodnight. Sung myself out here tonight.

Below is the link to the first one.
Original with the harmony on it. Needing the melody line.