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The night we met by agrabler

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agrabler 52


The night we met


Lord Huron




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agrablerLEVEL 52

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Learned it from 13 Reasons Why.
Please let me know what you all think!

I have thought about the words in this song a lot as my wife fights a rare, aggressive, treatment resistant cancer. It's scary and we've had many tears.

I'd love to go back to the night we met --- but to savor it all the more. To try harder to remember what we talked about that night. And know, that I will always, always ride along with you.

And knowing what we know now, have you get a full hysterectomy way ahead of time.


Comment by FrederickLawrenceGOLD

I lot of message in a very few words. Anyone who has lived a long life understands the message . . . if they have continued to "study" the many "energies that constitute everything."

Your voice "moved" me......