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Hello by CrystolWPsalms891

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CrystolWPsalms891 62






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CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62

Recording information by CrystolWPsalms891

Evanescence Round One Entry

This is a new song for me but after listening to it I know it is now a favorite! The haunting lyrics, beautiful melody, and powerful message have all stolen my heart! Thank you for any comments and good luck to you all!

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Comment by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

No internet only singing for by to listen though??

MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Comment by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

No internet only singing for by to listen though??


CurlyshirleyLEVEL 99

Comment by CurlyshirleyGOLD

Curlyshirley is a lurking & listening.

CurlyshirleyLEVEL 99

Comment by CurlyshirleyGOLD

You sound brilliant on this and the fact you didnt know it and just blasted it out proves you got a real ear and talent for this sound.

Well impressed with that.

Good luck

Lv Shirl.

CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62

Comment by CrystolWPsalms891

Thanks so much Moxie and Shirl! Been listening you yall sing having talented judges! Looking forward to hearing the other contestants sing!


Comment by mi1s2a3GOLD

Seul celui qui ne fait jamais rien ne fait jamais de gaffe mais toute sa vie en est une.

Nice to meet you
You chose (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful songs ever... Amy is talking and speaking about her twin sister who passed away....
Not an easy song... -well Amy is just so talented- and you did really a fantastic sing here!!!
Most enjoyable listen!
Best of luck in the contest

CrystolWPsalms891LEVEL 62

Comment by CrystolWPsalms891

Hi there mi1s2a3! Thank you for your comment! Yes, I thought it had to be something like that that Amy was writing sad. The lyrics totally take you there and made me feel something so deep when I heard them. I felt a kinship with those words, those son passed away at 2 months old and I knew instantly that Amy was writing about loss. Thanks again for your sweet comments! xoxo


Comment by JeanneMarieGOLD

One of my faves as well. Great job learning this beautiful tune. That last note....killer long huh.....nicely handled.


Comment by sweetlalasinAminor

Wow, I'm really glad I joined this contest! So much emotion here. Well done, flagged and good luck!! -Kristen

BurtP5216LEVEL 55

Comment by BurtP5216

Can't lurk properly without popcorn, Awesome!


Comment by BABESGRL

Haunting song.........................Nicely sung........Well done!
Good Luck

Cinderella80LEVEL 76

Comment by Cinderella80GOLD

Love this song, but I know I wouldn't have the restraint to sing this soft & subtle as it needs to be. Absolutely breathtaking performance.

melindaleaLEVEL 85

Comment by melindalea

Well for a new song for you, you did an amazing job on it.. loved your cover.. Wttgggg!!

MissEKayLEVEL 30

Comment by MissEKayGOLD

Wow! I've always loved this haunting song. It's not an easy one to do. Cinderella80 is right. Not one to completely belt out. You did it up right, girl! So pretty!! Loving those high notes!! Best of luck!!!

OHlittleredheadLEVEL 53

Comment by OHlittleredheadPATRON

Such a beautiful song, and your vocals perfectly matched!!
Touching, heartfelt sing here....
Awesome stuff the high notes as well......
Fabulous!!!! Good Luck!

rockafrybabyLEVEL 96

Comment by rockafrybabyGOLD

This is my favorite by the band! Proper! The piano the king of instruments is playing with heaven in this tune! Loved my listen! Wow!

erynnmichelleLEVEL 81

Comment by erynnmichelleGOLD


Great job hon!

AmandashillerLEVEL 48

Comment by AmandashillerGOLD

Wow great job girl

broncogirl53LEVEL 84

Comment by broncogirl53GOLD

Beautifully done!! Sure enjoyed your cover!! Very nice!!!

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD

What a great this tune!
Thank you and good luck!