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She's Always A Woman by calgreen

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calgreen 44


She's Always A Woman


Billy Joel




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Carol-ALEVEL 108

Comment by Carol-ASNAP-STAR

You sure did awesome on this song.......... loved my listen and your performance
pressin your it button for sure

Carol ~


Comment by NaWLiNs_LaDy

Sounding Very Nice Cal

Great voice...

Thanks for sharing..
. It!!!

Squiggles1979LEVEL 66

Comment by Squiggles1979

Hey Cal...... Listening......

Squiggles1979LEVEL 66

Comment by Squiggles1979

Billy Joel.... you sound fantastic on this my friend....... beautiful highs on this.....
This is one top notch performance!!!!!
Loved it! # 4
Wonderful! .......hugs Sarah


Comment by skytexasGOLD

Hey Cal. Good to have you drop by. Thank you. Hope all is well with you. Very nice delivery of this Billy J song. I am enjoying it very much. great vocals. Thank you for sharing this, my friend.

LuvMyMusicLEVEL 52

Comment by LuvMyMusic

So nice to hear from you Cal... I see you enjoy Billy Joel's tunes too...... Bravo! This is beautiful! Loved your vocals... Excellent singing! Cheers, MARLA


Comment by KazloumyGOLD

Hello Cal
Oh I do love this're sounding wonderful!!! Wow those high notes were fabulous!! Loved my listen!! Bravo!!

maybirdLEVEL 44

Comment by maybird

Yep..this song has us gals pegged pretty much..nice song and you did it well..thanx for the visit


Comment by Barblynn42GOLD

What a great song, and you sang it beautifully....really enjoyed my visit here


Comment by TDCPATRON


Oh yes!! This is way fine!! Your vocals are perfect for this song!!!.

SkyyyLEVEL 44

Comment by Skyyy

that was TERRIFIC. Your voice
was perfect


Comment by --FireFly76--GOLD

Hi Cal,

My goodness you sound fabulous here!

Great job on those highs too....WOW

Nicely done, I loved this!

Hugs, Karen

Fatal_BeautyLEVEL 43

Comment by Fatal_Beauty

Praying for our world's safety and survival ?? God Bless ??

FIVE HEARTS for a hell of a singer and sweet guy!

Fatal Beauty

zenlindaLEVEL 50

Comment by zenlindaGOLD

Billy Joel was my true love! Damn that Christie!

Nice cover!

ElricaLEVEL 71

Comment by ElricaGOLD

I am really battling with this new version of SS...Don't like it.....

love button nr 12 !!! well done, love it love this song!

piggelinisLEVEL 91

Comment by piggelinisGOLD

Hello Cal!

I love this song

You sing it Fab Terrific!