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Need You Now by janni----

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janni---- 69 & MB2


Need You Now


Lady Antebellum




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janni----LEVEL 69

Recording information by janni----GOLD

Thank you, friends, for taking the time to stop by and listen.

Thank you Allen for the open duet. I very much enjoyed singing with you.


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

First....I know this will be good


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

Perfect oh you folks are good.


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

The blend of voices and the mix ,are wonderful Janice.. You pick the best of partners , and make them sound even better hon..Big hugs my friend I love this. xx Jimmy

aussie64LEVEL 37

Comment by aussie64

Amazing performance from the both of you Janice




Comment by MB2

Hi janni........


Comment by MB2



Comment by MB2

You really made this sound fantastic....
I'm really made up with this...
Thank you so much and thank you to your friends for their lovely comments.

Maura109LEVEL 63

Comment by Maura109GOLD

Hi Janni,,,,,,,,,,,,what a mighty duet........loved this to bits.....
Great song and you two did it real justice..........
Loved every bit of this
***********5*********** OH ENDLESS STARS


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

what amazes me is how you find these fantastic duet Partners everytime Janni!.... do you sit there night after night with a scorecard? lol.....

Well, my score is definitely 10 out of 10.....

Not only do you sing this song with such ease and with that relaxed laid back attitude, but Allen's vocals blend beautifully with yours....
a popular song!, but very rarely do you hear such an exquisite cover.
Well done both of you !

Mart ;o)


Comment by Steve3602GOLD

Jan..I've been backed up in my life and on here,,but now that I've had a chance to listen..this is such a beautiful duet!..both you & M 2 glad I had the chance to turn your stars but it should've happened a while back1*****


Comment by AlfieMoon

Hi Jan and friend....well this is one song I can never sing so I'm really impressed with the professional sound you achieved from both your of your awesome vocals....


Comment by AlfieMoon

Strawberries and Cream or any other perfect combination of things would describe how well you complimented each other on this awesome duet!


Comment by AlfieMoon

It's always a pleasure visiting your studio Jan, you always guarantee top class entertainment and once again you delivered the goods with your terrific partner MB2....
An amazing duet guys......perfect in every way! Bravo!!!!


Comment by markp2103

i was listening to ur duet here the other day... came back to comment...

u have an amazing voice... nice duet u have here

bamagirl7812LEVEL 63

Comment by bamagirl7812GOLD

A listening and loving it!
Hope your having a great week! God Bless! ~