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Dreamlover by tgarner

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tgarner 75




Mariah Carey




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tgarnerLEVEL 75

Recording information by tgarnerGOLD

You just never know what I am going to try and neither to I, LOL!


Comment by BazeyChloGOLD

I love when these random songs pop up next to your name... I'd say they're things I'd never expect to see you singing, but I've learned to never say never when it comes to your songs choices haha.

Of course, you make a great Mariah Carey.

I don't know about those backup singers though lol

Okay... your backup singers are getting better now...
I had the urge this morning to sing a Britney Spears song... no idea why lol.

This was cute, T. Loved the dancing moves too.

Mariah ain't got nothin' on you!