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Even The Nights Are Better by RubenG

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RubenG 63


Even The Nights Are Better


Air Supply


1 Duet


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RubenGLEVEL 63

Recording information by RubenGPATRON

SS 2.0...... I'll Figure It Out Soon.... I Hope !! :-)

Practicing up for the weekend...
Nothing special... Just trying to clear up the old sinuses... hehe
Enjoy !!!!


Comment by mtboy

awesome singing i love it5st cyw********************************8
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Luv2singLEVEL 82

Comment by Luv2singGOLD

My daughter in law Carly's mom passed on Christmas, her dad passed today, prayers please, thank you

LOL! that's showin' the spirit! One of my fave songs here, this is beautiful Ruben! Lovin' my listen, fabulouss!! *********** Karyn


Comment by stacyk213

Nice Song and voice hun


Comment by ArmyWi

Morn'n Mdf wow OUTSTANDING


Comment by ArmyWi

1 KEWL tune you did it beautifully )


Comment by angelbaby1

hiyaaa Rubes


Comment by angelbaby1

this gonna be good, i love this song


Comment by angelbaby1

thanks for nearly giving me a heart attack when you shouted at beginning of your song lol


Comment by angelbaby1

you do realise i have your songs really loud when i listen lol


Comment by angelbaby1

days are brighter when i'm listening to you Rubes

nights are even better when i'm listening to you



Comment by angelbaby1

flagged this recording, gonna hit play button again later, you nailed this, loved it, keep singing Rubes, ************** & hugsssss

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 97

Comment by Daydreamer2008SNAP-STAR

Not feeling so well... Feeling weak and low... Stay safe and healthy all! <3

Ruben... honestly where the heck do you get that energy from?? I mean even when you are sick LOL

Woohooooooo FABULOUS song and singing!

******* LOVELY vocals wow! Love it!!


llanitaLEVEL 82

Comment by llanita

Wooohooooo...loooooving that energy of yours right there hehehe!! And vocals?? Outbloodystaaaanding!!!!Soo soooo loving this...just as amaaaazing as always.
Liana xxx

marinemom1LEVEL 2

Comment by marinemom1

Kicking ass Rubes as always.......AWesome vocals too.........Perfect as always.........Great song choice............It's the weekdend baby ....lets party.....Yoooooooooooooooooohooooooooooo!

SEXY BACK by ~hostileNATIVE on deviantART

MystiqueRose_AngelLEVEL 2

Comment by MystiqueRose_AngelGOLD

LOL Ruben...You had me confused me for a second...Thought I was listening to the wrong song..!! Awwwww sorry to hear you are not feeling the greatest...get better soon my friend

Love this song....and YOU sound amazing...Love your voice

WTG..!!!!!!! Hugs

~ R ~

ashelyLEVEL 50

Comment by ashelyGOLD


ashelyLEVEL 50

Comment by ashelyGOLD



Comment by membermeGOLD

for not being sure showed us all what it sounds like to have talent!!!!


WingsonearthLEVEL 66

Comment by WingsonearthGOLD


WingsonearthLEVEL 66

Comment by WingsonearthGOLD

Hi there my Friend:)
Awesome singing you are sounding
great, so enjoyed this great
tune so keep them comming:)
Beautiful Song,***************** for you:)
Hugs Gertie:)