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Anak (Child) by raddoc888

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raddoc888 76


Anak (Child)


Freddie Aguilar




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raddoc888LEVEL 76

Recording information by raddoc888GOLD

On a hiking spree these days.... Singsnap will have to wait awhile..cheers !!!

"Anak" (Filipino for child or more accurately my son or my daughter) is a Tagalog song written by Filipino folk-singer Freddie Aguilar. It was a finalist for the inaugural 1977 Metropop Song Festival held in Manila. It became an international hit, and was translated into 26 languages. The lyrics speak of Filipino family values.

The song generated a hundred cover versions, was released in 56 countries and in 27 different foreign languages, and has sold 30 million copies. Billboard reported that the song was the number one in the U.S. for two weeks and world hit of the 1980s. As of 2006 it was unsurpassed as the all-time highest-selling record of Philippine music.

Child (English Translation)

The day you were born to this world
Your parents were full of joy
And their arms are your light

And your mother and father
Worry and don't know what to do
Watch over you even in your sleep

And in the night, a sleepless night, your mother
Is still awake to prepare your milk

And in the morning you are in the lap
Of your father, who is so joyful because of you

Now you are all grown up
You desire to be independent
Even if your parents forbid, they can't stop you

Isn't it you that changed a lot
Disobeyed them, remained stubborn
And you did not follow their advice

You did not take the time
To think about all the things they've done for you

For you desire, only what is pleasurable
You just ignored them

And the days have passed
And you took a wrong turn in life
You are imprisoned in a horrible vice

And you approach
Your dear crying mother
And she asks "Child, what happened to you?"

And your eyes immediately shed tears
Without you noticing

You are regretful and realize
That you were at fault

Marinero777LEVEL 61

Comment by Marinero777GOLD

Good day Kabayang Art. Kumusta na..Listening. What a wonderdul rendition you did here on this Ka Frddie immortal song. Excellent interpretation with your smooth gentle voice. Your performance is beyond compare. It was always a treat listening to your great singing. Outstanding job as always. Best regards and God bless Ingat lagi..-Leo-

-pjays-LEVEL 65

Comment by -pjays-

*****************************************************************************************************************************************************VERY SWEETLY& TENDERLY SANG!!!! THANK YOU!! PJ

PRodrigueLEVEL 78

Comment by PRodrigueGOLD

Hi Art, I can see why this song sold 30 million copies because it's a beautiful song and your version is fabulous. This could have been your song back then Art! An outstanding performance all the way my friend! Regards, Paul

onyxroseLEVEL 78

Comment by onyxroseGOLD

Please forgive me if I bumble a bit. I'm trying to make some sense of this 2.0 version of singsnap.

Thank you for including the translation, though in your voice you could hear the intonation of family ties, stress and regret... I can't think of an English language song that is quite like this. I'm so glad you shared this with us, Art! Loved my listen

matamis_tukso_tinigLEVEL 51

Comment by matamis_tukso_tinigGOLD

oh my?
HOW i missed this one? Mr Art - you never told me you sang ANAK
that was just few days before my bday hehe ...
im glad i found it now and listened to it... love that song!
isnt it sucha touchy and true song?

and we all can rely on it i guess hehe **me was a little riot as kiddo girly** lmao i confess

have a great day + a good night later!!
ingat ka lagi...
ang galing galing Mr Art!!!