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A World Without Love by Bruce_Simbuck

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Bruce_Simbuck & SomeBeach_SomeWhere 64


A World Without Love


Peter and Gordon




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Recording information by Bruce_SimbuckGOLD

I didn't realize that there are he/she gender-bender issues on this McCartney tune until I was singing it, so I saved it after one-take.

I was going to delete it but liked the harmony and will leave it for others to judge before deleting it.

Thanks for listening, my friends, as always!


SomeBeach_SomeWhereLEVEL 64

Comment by SomeBeach_SomeWhere

" Hello "
Again Bruce My Amazingly Talented Friend !!!

Ohhhhhh, Bruce....
!!!! NEVER !!!!!
And In !!!! NOWAY !!!!
Delete This MAGNIFICENT Classic Peter & Gordon Duet Performance...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<---- Smiling & Feeling Once Again So Honored that You Joined Me !!!

I Just LOVE Your Awesome Harmony Vocals ....
What Talent You Possess Bruce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOUR AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<----- I'm Really " Diggin " This Awesome Duet Performance !!! haha

I'm Sending You Loads of
Heavenly STARS for This Heavenly Classic Performance !!
*********************************** " MERCYYYYYYYY !!!!! "
Bunches of Thank You Breezy Hugs
Once Again Blowing Your AMAZING, TALENTED Way Bruce !
As Always...
Your Friend & Fan ...Breezy
!!!!!!!!! Encore, Encore, Encore !!!!! " haha
" Peace & Love to Ya Bruce ...LOVED THIS ALOT ! "

wellfieldLEVEL 69

Comment by wellfieldPATRON

Waiting in the shadows for a more professional recorder,in today's modern age we expect better.

Turned out real nice!'s hard to do the unison and harmony but it's a nice mix!.....Campbell


Comment by Bruce_SimbuckGOLD

Thanks from Ms. Breezy and my old self, Campbell!


Moboy-and-Miswaa1LEVEL 55

Comment by Moboy-and-Miswaa1GOLD

wow this is good


Comment by Bruce_SimbuckGOLD

Thank you very much, moboy, from Breezy and my old self for taking the time to listen and comment on our duet on "A World Without Love"!