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Little Saint Nick by Tdubya

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Tdubya 55 (harmony)


Little Saint Nick


The Beach Boys




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TdubyaLEVEL 55

Recording information by TdubyaGOLD

I sure miss legacy but hoping 2.0 will evolve to be its best??

Singin' 'bout Santa's ride!!!

daylilly_52762LEVEL 23

Comment by daylilly_52762GOLD

Hey there!!!!!!!!!!
merry christmas to you and yours.........
sooooo goood to hear ya singing today!!!!!!!!

FANTASTIC as know I havent heard
anyone do this tune this year.........sounds good
hearing it from you.........awesome.........

gby and yours


Comment by wiki143GOLD

oh yeahhhhhh bruddah dis song is da bomb...n u sure doin a mighty fine job singing dis...ohhh man ur vocals r spot on perfect for bboys classic..i swear i think u were one of dem...awesome bruddah tim..great great vocals


Mark49LEVEL 73

Comment by Mark49GOLD

I think and have my own OPINION. It's Not LEARNED, It's EMBEDDED!

Hi Tim. How you doin'? This is a very cool cover you did here!!! Nice to see ya!! You look great!! Fantastic sing!!! You and your family have a Wonderful Christmas!

chattycathy52LEVEL 44

Comment by chattycathy52

My son's name is TW too and spells it almost like u do..LOL.
Thanx for stoppin by! I had to come to your link, cuz I thot u were my son...LOL
But ur not and you sound awesome singing this!!
Ive always loved the Beach Boy's songs and ya nailed this one!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr8 sing!!!************'s comin' atcha!!

ktb829LEVEL 61

Comment by ktb829GOLD

This came out great Tim!


Mellow3311LEVEL 33

Comment by Mellow3311

Well hello there my friend.
A little bird told my you sang again . .
I've been checking, but you snuck this one in on me.

Mellow3311LEVEL 33

Comment by Mellow3311

This is too cool . . .
You sound fantastic . . .
Loving the mutli tracks
Very nicely done.