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Just Won't Burn by PositivelyBobby

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PositivelyBobby 78


Just Won't Burn


Susan Tedeschi




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PositivelyBobbyLEVEL 78

Recording information by PositivelyBobbyGOLD

The past is gone. The future doesn't exist yet. All we really have is NOW. So do it NOW!

Thanks for the invite!

donnica59LEVEL 101

Comment by donnica59SNAP-STAR

front row

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

My "spammers" list in almost as long as my fans list.... Never encountered so many! GO AWAY!!!!

This is what I've been waiting for!!!
Might just as well close the door to this comp....
when you walk off the stage it's all over !!

donnica59LEVEL 101

Comment by donnica59SNAP-STAR

Superb Vocal
New song for me
I like it..............
Love the Blues
GL2U in the contest
you warmed up yet
super ending!

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

My "spammers" list in almost as long as my fans list.... Never encountered so many! GO AWAY!!!!

Looked through the window to your soul in so many sings over the months...I could hear a rumbling of blues dying to cut loose!!

This is what it's all about MSF !!!

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

My "spammers" list in almost as long as my fans list.... Never encountered so many! GO AWAY!!!!

You left nothing out Bobby !!

Like every other performance, you give it your best and that's a spot on the charts that no one else can reach !!

Superb !!


carmerappleLEVEL 88

Comment by carmerappleGOLD

Be kind and smile :)

Hey Bobby!
Thought you would be out making records after winning the Voice!! And now you're back!!! You're pretty darn amazing indeed!!! Loved this performance!! Cindy

MyraLynnLEVEL 106

Comment by MyraLynnGOLD

Lawd have mercy!!
You are freaking are the voice for certain!!
Awesome performance Bobby

saba9882LEVEL 53

Comment by saba9882GOLD

Helloooo ...well there?s no competition against this brilliant performance ....hats off!!

terlew26LEVEL 95

Comment by terlew26GOLD


Amazing vocals and
I'm feeling it!!

Impressive as ever!!!

BrendaS9906LEVEL 75

Comment by BrendaS9906PATRON

Sing it!!! I know I'm flagging you!


Comment by junebaby57GOLD

Hard to say when I'll be singing here again. I can't get my mic to work on here for some reason. :(

Well, you made me feel it... Head to toe blues. Excellent!

Adriana_8LEVEL 68

Comment by Adriana_8GOLD

Oooh this was fantastic Bobby and loved my visit. It! ***************************

2heartsAMDGLEVEL 68

Comment by 2heartsAMDGGOLD

All Things are Possible with God

Absolutely Stunning Performance Bobby!
Sending Stars from NC!
LOVED this!!


--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

AWesome selection Sir absolutely bluesy to me thank you for sharing best of luck*************************** Annie

ragtime108LEVEL 101

Comment by ragtime108SNAP-STAR

Outstanding fab rendition of this great "Just Won't Burn" song! ...

Bear50LEVEL 97

Comment by Bear50SNAP-STAR

The Demented BoogieBear thinks this is AWESOME My Friend*S* very NICELY Done..

you got me and my little phantom demented bear dancing to the music*lol* great singing*S*

clicked Your LIB on the way out*S*

Bear50LEVEL 97

Comment by Bear50SNAP-STAR

love this song already need to put this on my to learn list... I've done 2 of her other songs

PlatinumFillyLEVEL 72

Comment by PlatinumFillyPATRON

<3 <3 <3 <3 XoXoXoXo +++

Bobby you sound MAGNIFICENT singing the blues! Just a STELLAR performance my friend!

jonalanrnLEVEL 66

Comment by jonalanrnPATRON

Great control and great everything really...
I love this Blues number too.
Okay, another winner here!!

LakemanLEVEL 68

Comment by LakemanPATRON

Great blues sing Bobby. Sounding great!!!