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Looking In by pinkbutterfly124

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pinkbutterfly124 22


Looking In


Mariah Carey




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pinkbutterfly124LEVEL 22

Recording information by pinkbutterfly124GOLD

I love this song.. my voice is still not 100% back.. My breath control is still not right since I was sick.. this was just one take though.. no time for more.. hope you like it.. ~Jess

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hazieLEVEL 10

Comment by hazie


hazieLEVEL 10

Comment by hazie

Whats wrong with all these people. Oh well there missing a great show!!! Sitting here listening!!!!

hazieLEVEL 10

Comment by hazie

WOW Jess you truly are amazing. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! So glad I met you in chat. You are def in my favs now!!!!! take care. Ill be stalking you now. HUGZ!! ~Steven~

itsmypartyLEVEL 2

Comment by itsmyparty

Such a sad song...delivered so beautifully sweetie. : )

HeidwellLEVEL 32

Comment by HeidwellGOLD

awww.... you always sound so beautiful, chiclet.... this is no exception. Absolutely gorgeous Luv ya!

lily04LEVEL 77

Comment by lily04PATRON

This is lovely.

So very nice. What a pleasure to listen to.

ElliebearLEVEL 21

Comment by ElliebearGOLD

I joined the icky sicky crew yesterday...:(

But Jess...I hate to say this love. Your crazy. Your breathing sounds excellent....especially given the runs you are executing...

This is so exceptional for a one taker!

JimGalaxyLEVEL 20

Comment by JimGalaxyGOLD

Your one-takers are often your very best recordings.

OMG, the break on 'dreams of all' ...

JimGalaxyLEVEL 20

Comment by JimGalaxyGOLD

The lyrics to this song are just heartbreaking ..

JimGalaxyLEVEL 20

Comment by JimGalaxyGOLD

Your vocal runs, as many times as I've heard them, still leave me shaking my head. It's easy for you, you don't even have to think about them, they just .. happen. I could listen to this a hundred times in row. And you of all people know, I'm not exaggerating when I say that .. it's starting its third run through .. think I'll just let it play for awhile.

Your voice is *so* beautiful, Jess. I'm sorry I'm late.

- Jim