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Baby (You've Got What It Takes) by MsTake

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MsTake 85


Baby (You've Got What It Takes)


Brook Benton & Dinah Washington


2 Duets


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MsTakeLEVEL 85

Recording information by MsTakeGOLD

Anyone have special effects on their webcam? Or use reverse color? Do you have what it takes? To look radioactive? Come be my bizarre match! Any effect will do!

My Dare to Duet partner suggested this one and doing it on cam, but he never showed. I hate webcams ordinarily, but I managed this. Perhaps he was frightened off by my missing lower lip.


Comment by shineonGOLD

So have you ...He may still show up that mocking man ....Anyhow , I enjoyed your special effect .xx

MsTakeLEVEL 85

Comment by MsTakeGOLD

I think he's hiding. Avoiding the wrath of the Jay.

I wish someone would pick this up... Face paint or bizarre lighting will do.

Or sing wearing a gas mask or wielding a geiger counter. I'm lonely.

MsTakeLEVEL 85

Comment by MsTakeGOLD

MUCH more enjoyable with two. Really cute lyrics. Great idea to use Infra-red setting! Thanks Chazzzzz!

Anybody else? It really is a great SPRING song if you listen to the words.

NazzoLEVEL 103

Comment by NazzoSNAP-STAR

If I took out my prosthetic surprise ... aaahh no LOL

Now where was I oh yeah. I'm tempted to jump in but I just rolled out of bed and its gonna take me sometime to get organised this rainy coldish Monday Morning and by the time Im half right who knows where the heck I;ll be in here ? lol

Excellent sing and great bone stricture and facial shape with the cam

Stars for the sing and a little two tap too as well as a couple more than a few thumbs as well.... I must wake up quickly lol


Comment by tillyssGOLD

Hey J this is great the way it is,, Really Love this xx

stimbe1LEVEL 17

Comment by stimbe1

oooOOoooOOOoOO! Now this is beautiful.. wonderful...EXCELLENT performance!!
I'm sorry for the unfortunate event... quite many of of us actually had those issues with that challenge!

Sounds really nice! I feel tempted to try... then again I have NEVER heard the original, I had better do some youtubing to see it... please allow me some days?!?
Never tested whether I am radioactive ... webcams or no webcams I probably am since Finland was not THAT far away from Chernobyl LOL!!!

Greetings from your Finnish fan club!
Cheers, Timo

stimbe1LEVEL 17

Comment by stimbe1

O ou, somebody was centering the text on her comments... and forgot to close that primitive! I try to close it now...
Did I succeed did I succeed?!?!!?

stimbe1LEVEL 17

Comment by stimbe1

I apologize: I'm not trying to flood your comments page, just running the final test.

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

ha ha ha. LOL on your comment above. lol I'll tell you one thing. Your ex-partner sure missed out on one good duet. Or at least one half of a good duet. Your half. I like radioactive girls. I may just duet you sometime. Bzzzzzzzzzzzttttt


Comment by Buks

Sorry, I'm not so hot with cams and stuff. But I loved singing with you. Buks.

stimbe1LEVEL 17

Comment by stimbe1

Just youtubing - learning the song...

stimbe1LEVEL 17

Comment by stimbe1

Allright I will try my best tomorrow

dannyo152LEVEL 16

Comment by dannyo152

Apparently it takes some gold and that I don't got.

But, quite charming. I'm duetting in spirit.

yelloLEVEL 6

Comment by yello

when im back on gold ill give this ago..liking it,,nice one